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How Much Do Bowling Pins Weigh? - How much does a bowling pin weigh? It's a simple question, but, unfortunately, the answer isn't as straightforward.  A bowling pin usually comes in standard weight and size ranges. A… ... Read more
What is “9-Pin, No-Tap” Bowling? - No-tap bowling is a format common in recreational leagues, pro-am tournaments, and games where the participants want to have some fun with the rules. This type of 9-pin, no-tap game… ... Read more
Bowling Tips for Seniors - Seniors may find that bowling isn’t as easy now as it was when they were younger. Factors like reduced muscle mass and flexibility affect essential aspects of a bowling game,… ... Read more
What to Wear When Bowling - If you bowl often, you might be wondering what to wear when you go bowling.  In most cases, you can wear anything that feels comfortable and allows you proper movement.… ... Read more
Bowling Lingo & Terms - When speaking to bowlers, they can sound like they're using a completely different language. This confusion that new players encounter is based on a more than 100-year history of the… ... Read more
Bowling Scoring - Bowling can be best described as a low-risk sport that can be enjoyed equally by people of all age groups. Thatʼs why it is often categorized as the best recreational… ... Read more

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How Long Does a Power Wheels Battery Last? - The life expectancy of the typical ride-on battery depends on a few factors. These include, but are not limited to, charging times, frequency of use, and overall maintenance when the… ... Read more
How to Modify & Upgrade a Power Wheels Gearbox - Do you hear a grinding noise emanating from your Power Wheels tires? If so, you might have broken gears, which means it’s time to upgrade your gearbox. Power Wheels ride-on… ... Read more
How to Convert Power Wheels to a Lawn Mower Battery - You might be wondering what to do about your old batteries that have died or it might be time for an upgrade.  There are many ways you can upgrade your… ... Read more
How to Check for a Power Wheels Thermal Dead Fuse & Bypass it - The thermal fuse is a safety precaution that protects the Power Wheels vehicle from overheating or malfunctioning. If your thermal fuse is overheating or dead, your vehicle may not work… ... Read more
How to Fix Power Wheels Only One Wheel Spins? - If you have a Power Wheels and only one wheel spins, it may not be able to get traction and may not work as it should. Any time only one… ... Read more
How to Fix a Power Wheels That Won’t Go Forward - If your child has a Power Wheels, you can bet that there will come a time when it stops working as it should. One of the most common problems with… ... Read more

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Learn About Baseball

How Many At-Bats Do MLB Players Get In a Season? - The number of at-bats per player tends to change every season. In the 2019 season, the average at-bats of an MLB player was counted somewhere between 129 and 323 at-bats,… ... Read more
What Does QAB Mean in Baseball? - It is much easier for baseball teams to scout talent now than it was in the past. You see, the modern ways of the world have resulted in the innovation… ... Read more
How to Increase Bat Speed? (5 Easy Tips) - If you want to increase bat speed when you’re playing baseball, the simplest thing to do is choose a heavier bat. Besides that, it helps if you develop your core… ... Read more
How to Hold a Baseball Bat? (6 Easy Steps) - One of the key techniques in baseball is knowing how to hold a baseball bat. Not only how to properly grip your baseball bat, but knowing how to do it… ... Read more
How Many Innings in Baseball? - In a standard regulation game, baseball has nine innings, each of which is divided into halves.  A college baseball game, Minor League Baseball game, and major league game have different… ... Read more
What Is a Bullpen in Baseball? - Seeing batters hit one home run after another is certainly a sight for sore eyes. Want to know what is equally pleasurable to see? Seeing pitchers retiring batters one by… ... Read more

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