Why are Chants Important in Baseball?

Baseball chants are short, sweet, easy-to-follow cheers used by fans of certain teams. Chants are designed to get attendees excited, provide a surge of energy, and show support to the teams playing. Chanting can also help keep the crowd engaged throughout the entire game, making sure that the same energy is kept up for all nine innings. They are incredibly important to both fans and the team.

Chants have a rich history in baseball, differing from team to team throughout the years. What are they, when do you do them, and why are they important? The rest of the article will explain why baseball chants are imperative to the game.


How long are baseball chants?

Baseball chants are usually short, no more than a couple of seconds. They are used to encourage teams or express emotion during a game-changing play. They are an important part of encouraging the players and making sure that everyone is having fun.

Why do people chant during baseball games?

One of the most important parts of a baseball game is the crowd. When a team is playing an intense game, it helps to get encouragement from the fans who made an effort to come to see them. Much like a parent encourages a child, giving them the confidence to do well, the crowd chanting gives their team the confidence to do well and hopefully win games.

When do people chant during baseball games?

There are many times before, during, and even maybe directly after a game when fans would chant. A couple of examples:

  • A team may chant before they hit the field
  • A certain player is coming up to bat
  • A player hit a home run
  • A ref made a bad call
  • During the seventh-inning stretch, when certain songs are played as fans stretch

Is chanting at a baseball game different than other sports?

Yes, chanting at a baseball game can be much different than chanting at a football or basketball game, and that’s because the rolls of the players change every half an inning, which changes the way chants happen.

Additionally, in baseball, both the fans and the players chant. Fans can be heard chanting when teams or players are involved in game-changing plays, and players can be heard doing the same before a game starts or from the dugout when something exciting happens. 

How should you chant during baseball?

Yes, there are! Here are a few things you should do when chanting during baseball:

  • Keep your chant easy to follow
  • Customize your chant depending on what is happening in the game
  • Keep your chant short, because most people will not remember if they are long and hard to follow
  • Try to add some movement, such as clapping

What should you not do while chanting?

There are a few rules you want to follow during a baseball game. Here are a few:

  • You should try not to use hard to pronounce words
  • Do not make your chant complicated to understand
  • Do not curse
  • Try not to jeer at players, even if they are on the opposing team
  • Try not to chant during a play

Do baseball teams have their own chants?

Some baseball teams have their own chants fans know before they go to a game. They can also have chants that they use themselves. For example, when the Yankees play a group of people called the “Creatures” will chant the name of each player until the player acknowledges them. This was started during the 1990s and is a well-loved tradition adored by both players and fans.

Can baseball chants be negative?

It is frowned upon to jeer, but it still happens. Unlike other sports, baseball can be slow, and most of the players can hear what the crowd is yelling with no issue. If a crowd starts to jeer, many times it can have negative effects on the players and umpires. Chants should always be positive in order to encourage players and spread cheer.

Historical baseball chants

The chant “ole, ole, ole” has been used in several different sports, from soccer to hockey, but one of its most popular uses is in minor league baseball parks. It’s used when a team has exceptional performance. Many fans also use “Take Me Out to the Ball Game” as a chant, which was created in 1908 and played at the first baseball game in 1934.

What are some well-known baseball chants?

One of the most popular baseball chants you’ll hear at a game is a simple “Let’s go [team playing].” Other very popular short chants include “Hey batter, swing batter,” and “three up, three down, here we go now.” There are a couple of chants you’ll hear to the tune of the Oscar Mayer Weiner song, such as the following:

Our team is the best ever
They never lose a game
They hit the ball
Out of the park
And run around the base
The other teams they see us
We scare them all awaaaaaayyyy
And that’s because we are the best
Our team will win today!”

Baseball chants for little league

Chants are important for young kids, too! Kids should feel encouraged and empowered when they are getting ready to play. Here is an example of a little league chant:


That’s the best place for us

We have got the bases loaded


And we’re going, going, going


Yes, that’s right, it’s the place for us

What are some chants used by teams?

One chant that you can sometimes hear teams call out from the dugout is “Ain’t nuthin’ but a ground-dog, rollin’ down the line…

Woof! Woof!”

Final Thoughts

Chants are one of the most important parts of a baseball game, providing amazing, positive energy along with cheers and claps. Due to the nature of the game, chants are way more important for baseball games than they are at football and basketball games.