Best Bowling Bags of 2024

Bowling is an enjoyable sport that can be played casually any day or professionally in a tournament. 

Whether you’re just looking to enjoy a nice bowling experience with friends or you’re taking bowling seriously as a professional bowler, one equipment you can’t overrule is a bowling bag. 

While it’s important to invest in a good bowling ball and shoes, you need a solid bag to easily carry your bowling equipment and accessories.


What is the Best Bowling Bag on the Market?

Whether you’re shopping at your local store or adding to cart online, you’re going to find a lot of bowling bags with different shapes and sizes. Depending on your needs, there are a few bags out there that completely fits the bill. 

Before buying a bowling bag, one choice you have to make is whether you’re getting a bag just for yourself or you’re getting one that can accommodate accessories of friends and family as well. Some bags can only hold one ball while other bags can accommodate two or three. 

Below are reviews of the best bowling bag in each category.

At A Glance: Our Top Picks for Best Bowling Bags

If you’re in a hurry, you can jump straight into our top picks (these are the products that most people buy).

  • BSI Tote Deluxe Single Top Pick
  • Pyramid Path Deluxe Double Roller Runner-up
  • BSI Triple Ball Roller Runner-up

Top 3 Best Bowling Bags – Our Reviews:

1. BSI Tote Deluxe Single Ball Bag

You can’t go wrong with the BSI Tote Deluxe Single Ball Bag. It’s got all the space to accommodate your bowling ball, shoes, and a few more accessories. 

What we’d all like get is a durable and solid bag that can hold your accessories without must hassle. In this bowling bag, you’ve got all that and more. 

While its shoulder straps provide maximum comfort while carrying it on your back, you can adjust it and carry it with your hands instead. 

This bag is designed to support a heavy load and features a strong handle made with sturdy material to give you a bowling bag that won’t give way no matter how heavy. 

There’s also a ball cup made with foam to support your bowling ball. This cup can be removed when you intend to carry something other than a bowling ball in the bag.  

What this means is that you don’t necessarily need to go bowling before you have a use for this bag. It can work as a normal backpack to hold your items while traveling or going on a road trip.


  • Made with durable material
  • Reinforced and adjustable straps for easy carrying for people of all heights
  • Several compartments to accommodate other accessories
  • Retains shape no matter the load

2. Pyramid Path Deluxe Double Roller Bowling Bag

Sometimes, you pack for two. Whether you’re going bowling with your partner or a friend, a double roller is the perfect bowling bag for you. 

As you would imagine, a bag that can carry two balls would be pretty heavy. Your assertions are right and it’s the reason this bag features three wheels that make movement a breeze.

How about when moving through places that you can wheel your way through? This bag features a padded strap that allows you to lift it up when walking through areas you can’t wheel it past. 

The Pyramid Path Double Roller can also accommodate your gloves, shoes and other accessories. It features a padded divider that separates the balls and prevents them from rubbing against each other and causing wear. 


  • Vented shoe compartment
  • High-quality material
  • Wheels are anchored by a metal axle
  • Padded divider to separate balls

3. BSI Triple Ball Roller Bowling Bag

When you’re going bowling with family, you need lots of balls. Three would do, and instead of carrying three bowling bags, you can simply fit them into a 3-ball bowling bag like the BSI Triple Ball Roller Bag. 

This bag is well equipped to handle three bowling balls without losing its structure. It is made with extra-sturdy material to give you a durable bag that can last for years. 

To keep the balls safe, this bag features a padded divider and many compartments to fit in several accessories. If you’re not a professional bowling player, this bag might be too heavy for you. 

The BSI Triple Ball Bag is specially designed for families and friends.


  • Durable
  • Roller wheels made with high-quality material
  • Features several compartments

What to Look for in a Bowling Bag?

There are numerous bowling bags out there but only a few can be considered as top quality. 

If you’re on the lookout for the perfect bowling bag, here are the features that should be top on your list:

Sturdy Material

Bowling bags are pretty heavy because they need to be sturdy. 

The last thing you want is to have your bowling ball fall off the bag after it wears out. This is why you need a bag that is made with top-quality material to support the weight of the ball and other accessories. 


Whether it’s a single ball bowling bag or a double ball, you want a bowling bag that features more than one compartment to fit all your accessories in. 

The more compartment a bag features, the better. This means you never have to carry an additional bag anytime you’re going bowling.

Roller Wheels for Bigger Bags

If it’s a big bag, it needs to have roller wheels. This ensures you can carry it easily without having to lift it with all your strength. 

Roller wheels are usually made of three to four sets of wheels depending on the size of the bag.


Lastly, you should always look to buy a bag that is versatile. 

It should not only provide spaces for bowling balls alone. There should be spaces for accessories as well. 

Even though bowling bags are meant for bowling accessories only, you should also look to get a bag that can be used for other purposes like packing up a few clothes for a journey.


So there you have it—the best bowling bags on the market. No matter what you’re searching for and how you prefer to enjoy the game, these bags should keep all your accessories safe and secure.

If you’re looking for other brands or makes, this buying guide should still give you a few ideas on what to look out for when buying a bowling bag.

Take note though that three is not the maximum number of bowling balls that a bag can carry. There are bowling bags designed to hold up to 4 balls.

It all depends on your needs, so before you go out and buy a bowling bag, you have to know first how many balls you are likely to carry at a time.