Best 3-Ball Bowling Bags of 2024

When you have finally purchased bowling shoes, bowling balls, and other bowling equipment that meet your requirements, all that is left to find is a bowling bag to help carry the items securely to the bowling alley and back.

You might be considering using your everyday backpack, but I would strongly advise you against this idea. 

Your regular backpack isn’t cut out to handle the heavy load of the bowling balls alone. Even if it manages to hold your equipment, it won’t nearly be comfortable enough to carry.

This is why you will need a bowling bag—a bag that has been specifically designed to help you move your bowling equipment. 

However, there are many things to consider before splurging on a bowling bag. 

For instance, you need to:

  • Ensure the bag’s durability and see if it has been made of premium material.
  • Examine the storage space and weight of the bag.
  • Check if the bag is stable when moved around with a heavy load.
  • Be on the lookout for a sturdy and comfortable handle. 

Fortunately, you don’t need to research for bowling bags extensively as I have done your homework. 

Take a look at some of the best 3-ball bowling bags money can buy.


At A Glance: Our Top Picks for Best 3-Ball Bowling Bags

If you’re in a hurry, you can jump straight into our top picks (these are the 3-ball bowling bags that most people buy).

  • Storm Streamline 3-Ball Roller Bowling Bag Top Pick
  • Hammer Premium Triple Roller Bowling Bag Runner-up
  • KAZE Sports Deluxe 3-Ball Roller with Double Wheels Runner-up

Top 5 Best 3-Ball Bowling Bags – Our Reviews:

1. Storm Streamline 3-Ball Roller Bowling Bag

If you are looking for a bowling bag that offers unmatched efficiency and stability, go for the Streamline 3-Ball Roller Bowling Bag from Storm. Made of 600D polyvinyl fabric material, this bag was constructed to stand the test of time. 

With reliable protective padding, transporting bowling balls securely has never been easier. I also like that the manufacturers have distributed the storage space nicely between numerous compartments. 

The small complaint that I have about the bag is its instability when moved around rough terrain. However, I am just nitpicking here as all bags can potentially suffer harm when put on rough surfaces. 


  • Many compartments to store personal possessions
  • Constructed of high-quality material


  • Could’ve been priced cheaper

2. Hammer Premium Triple Roller Bowling Bag

The Hammer Premium Triple Roller Bowling Bag largely benefits from its 5” wheels which help ensure the smooth transfer of your bowling equipment. Constructed of 600D/1680D, this bag excels in the durability department. 

The makers seem to have had the consumers’ interest at heart when designing this product; they have smartly installed a spacious side pocket that you can use to keep your belongings.

Like any premium bowling bag, this Hammer bowling bag also has useful padding features to keep your bowling balls in optimum condition. The presence of Velcro straps in the bag helps keep the balls in check, completely diminishing the chances of extensive damage.


  • Large, durable wheels help make transport easy
  • Spacious compartments to store belongings
  • Outstanding framework


  • A little on the heavier side
  • Could’ve been priced cheaper

3. KAZE Sports Deluxe 3-Ball Roller with Double Wheels

The manufacturers of the KAZE 3-Ball Roller have smartly used 1680D nylon as its primary fabric, making the bag sturdy and resistant to various harmful elements. 

The protective padding layers inside the bowling bag work exceptionally and keep the balls safe. There are straps to secure the balls as well.  

I also like that there is a total of 7 storage compartments in this bag, including one for bowling shoes and shoe sliders

This 3-ball roller bag is convenient for tall people as it can be extended to 41 inches. The wheels also operate smoothly when under stress. 

Overall, there isn’t just much to complain about with this product. 


  • Constructed of highly-durable materials
  • The handle can be conveniently extended
  • Plenty of storage compartments to store personal possessions


  • Exorbitantly priced
  • Can tear when put under stress and friction

4. Vise Three Ball Tote Roller Bowling Bag

A smart buyer looks for a product that is affordable and worth its price tag. If you consider yourself a smart buyer, go for the Vise Three Ball Tote Roller Bowling Bag. 

Available for purchase in a variety of colors, this product excels with its zippered pocket flap that keeps your bowling balls secure at all times, especially when moved around. The reinforced stitching gives the bag added protection from offensive elements. 

Bearing the convenience and comfort of users in mind, the manufacturers have also placed a padded shoulder strap. 

Since the bag comes with a 5-year limited warranty, you can be certain that the manufacturers have full trust in their product and, therefore, you should too. 


  • Available in a variety of colors
  • Budget-friendly


  • No shoe compartment

5. Storm 3-Ball Rolling Thunder Signature Series Bowling Bag

Although this bag doesn’t have its high pricing working in its favor, there are plenty of things going well for it. In a nutshell, this Storm 3-Ball Bowling Bag possesses all the essential features you’d want a premium bowling bag to have. 

It features numerous storage compartments, big wheels for comfortable transport, and a handle that can be extended as required. Made of sturdy materials and complete with durable zippers, this bag will serve you for long.

Without a double, this 3-ball bowling bag is for those who want to make a statement when visiting the bowling alley. 


  • The handles can be extended as per convenience
  • Sturdy and comfortable wheels


  • Doesn’t have straps to keep the balls secure
  • Could’ve been lighter


You can choose any of the bags listed above as they are all useful in their own way. 

However, if you are looking for a budget-friendly bowling bag that checks all the boxes, choose the Hammer Premium Triple Roller Bowling Bag.

Those with money to burn can opt for Kaze Sports Deluxe 3-ball roller with double wheels. It has extendable handles, big wheels for comfortable transport, excellent padding to keep the balls secure, and numerous storage options.