Best Bowling Balls for Kids of 2024

Being one of the most dynamic sports currently out there, kids are instantly attracted to the prospect of bowling. The thrill of propelling the ball forward as it blows away the pins is sure to excite a kid of every age.

Therefore, it isn’t a far off shot to assume that a kid of average age is drawn towards bowling.

However, such a kid may have a difficult time handling a normal-sized house ball. As a result, ball manufacturers have come up with specially designed bowling balls for children of all ages.

Such balls are visually attractive and easy to use with low ball weight to enable kids to mimic the pros as they own the bowling alley.

With so many options to choose from, choosing the best bowling ball for kids may turn out to be a difficult endeavor. Not to worry, as our list below enumerates 10 of the best bowling balls for kids currently available.


At A Glance: Our Top Picks for Best Bowling Balls for Kids

If you’re in a hurry, you can jump straight into our top picks (these are the bowling balls for kids that most people buy).

  • Brunswick TZone Top Pick
  • Champion Sports Rubber Bowling Ball Runner-up
  • Brunswick Lizard Eye Glow Viz-a-Ball Runner-up

Top 10 Best Bowling Balls for Kids 2024 – Our Reviews:

1. Brunswick TZone

Available in eight different color combinations, the Brunswick TZone is consistently rated at the top of “best balls for kids” lists every year.

The polyester coverstock aids the movement of the bowling ball as it hurtles towards its target while its high gloss finish helps the ball skid over moderate oil conditions with ease.

Providing the kids with the necessary lessons about momentum, power, and velocity, the TZone turns out to be a great ball for beginners to acclimate them to the physics of professional bowling.

A quick trip to the local bowling center would have to be undertaken after buying the ball as it doesn’t come with pre-drilled finger holes. This means that each ball can be drilled exactly according to the hand size of the kid who will use the ball.

At a cost of less than $60, the Brunswick TZone is an affordable and easy to use bowling ball that will be surely loved by children of all age ranges. Its high quality and low weight build ensure high endurance and good safety in the hands of children.


  • Great ball for training children with entry-level exposure to bowling
  • Professional design and top-notch technology to simulate real-life bowling balls
  • Affordable price tag that makes it attractive to every type of customer


  • The polyester cover stock may chip if the ball is dropped repeatedly

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2. Champion Sports Rubber Bowling Ball

Made from rubber, this bowling ball is possibly the easiest bowling ball to use. Being the lightest ball on this list, the Champion Sports Rubber offers unparalleled support for children of all hand sizes.

The low weight of the ball makes it safer for children as compared to the others on this list. As children frequently drop bowling balls on their own foot, there’s always a risk of major injury when allowing children to bowl.

However, this isn’t the case here. With no chance of the child hurting themselves, there’s no need to watch over them as they give this ball a go.

The large finger holes only enable large children to comfortably grip the ball. Consequently, children who are five years old or less may have a hard time grasping the ball and throwing it.

Since the ball is made from rubber, it can also be used on gym floors and inside homes. As a result, children can use this ball in a variety of settings to polish their skills.

The cost of Champion Sports Rubber balls is also comparatively cheaper than their competitors on this list. This is mainly because they’re made from rubber, as opposed to polyester or urethane.


  • Safer to use than polyester bowling balls, thus lower risk of injury to children
  • Cheaper than most other bowling balls
  • Can be used at home as well due to its safe nature


  • Doesn’t have the feel of a proper bowling ball

3. Brunswick Lizard Eye Glow Viz-a-Ball

Visually the most stunning bowling ball on this list, the Lizard Eye Glow has a unique design that glows in the dark. This aspect of the ball alone is sure to make your kid the center of attention at any bowling alley.

The polyester cover stock enables the bowling ball to race away to its target. It also results in low hook potential which makes the ball pretty accurate in straight shots.

The polyester material also makes the ball fairly light in weight.

A great feature of this ball is that it works perfectly in all lane conditions. This is due to the plastic cover stock that makes up the outer layer of the ball.

Therefore, whether the lane surface is dry or oily, this bowling ball will have no problem with its speed and accuracy.

Since the ball is easy to handle, every child will find its use a blast. The low body weight of this kids’ bowling ball enables it to be wielded by small hand sizes with ease.

Perfect for improving the skill level of your child, the Lizard Eye Glow is a visually stunning bowling ball for children with superior performance and an affordable cost.


  • Great for kids due to its lightweight construction
  • Unparalleled visual flare adds to its design
  • Can be used easily by bowlers of very young age as well


  • Polyester coating may be damaged if these balls are repeatedly dropped

4. Storm Mix Urethane

Perfect for your kid to try out knocking pins over, the Storm Mix is a urethane ball that’s accurate and fast.

Since the polyester coverstock may be damaged due to repeated use over time, Storm decided to go with U1S Semtex Pearl urethane for the outer surface of the ball. The result is a ball that will last even after repeated rough use by children.

Another great thing about this bowling ball is that it works equally well on both dry lanes and oily lanes, meaning children can be suitably introduced to both lane conditions.

In addition, the ball offers seamless control so that the young ones can develop their bowling skills at their own pace. One lacking aspect of these balls is that they don’t come with pre-drilled finger holes.

Available in six different alluring color combinations, this bowling ball is just the right weight for children of all ages.


  • Availability in several color combinations make it more attractive to children
  • High accuracy rating
  • Doesn’t break or get damaged due to urethane coverstock


  • Doesn’t come with pre-drilled holes

5. Pyramid Path Rising Pearl

A perfect companion for beginners of all ages, the Rising Pearl is a high performance and high-quality bowling ball that is fun to use.

Even though the ball is encapsulated with a polyester coverstock, the manufacturer feels confident enough to offer a two-year warranty with every purchase. This warranty will come in handy as children drop these bowling balls fairly frequently.

The high gloss finish adds to the luster of the ball which is available in a slew of different colors. However, one must keep in mind that unlike house balls, these balls don’t come with pre-drilled finger holes and one must personally get these holes done from a bowling alley.

Available in ball weights of 6 pounds and above, this bowling ball can be easily handled by a kid of almost every size.

The light weight and engineered precision of the ball make it perfect for straight shots as well. Affordable and precise, the Pyramid Path Rising Pearl turns out to be a capable ball for any 8-year-old.


  • Children love the accuracy and power of the ball
  • Warranty provided
  • Good performance on all types of lanes


  • Priced a little higher than its competitors

6. Ebonite Maxim Northern Lights

Enticing for young bowlers due to its stunning color scheme alone, the Ebonite Maxim is sure to elicit strong reactions at every bowling alley.

The ball is made from a polyester coverstock that although somewhat brittle, ensures that the ball weight remains low. This makes the ball easy to handle for kids of all sizes.

The polished factory finish and the symmetrical weight block not only gives the ball high speed but also enables straight shots to be achieved with ease. As a result, the ball scores a pretty high rating in the accuracy category.

Available in only one beautiful color, the Ebonite Maxim is the perfect ball for improving the hand-eye coordination of kids. At $51, this is one of the cheaper bowling balls on the market and is thus very popular among a large customer base.


  • Among the most accurate bowling balls for children
  • Lighter than most other balls on this list
  • Good for improving bowling skills


  • Only available in one color

7. White Dot Lime/Slime

A popular bowling ball for kids, the White Dot is a dependable companion to introduce a child 5 years old or older to the sport of bowling.

The polyester coverstock enables the ball to travel far while the pancake core ensures that the velocity of the ball is maintained as it reaches the end of the lane.

This bowling ball comes in a lime slime color to appeal to kids. Smaller kids may be comfortable with the 6-pound weight option while a larger child may find the 8-pound weight option more to his liking.

At $62, the White Dot is one of the more expensive options on this list. While its handling and durability are nothing to scoff at, I feel there are a few cheaper options on this list that provide the same performance.


  • Enables good handling and control due to low bowling ball weight
  • Unique Lime Slime visual palette


  • Comparatively more expensive than other balls on this list

8. Brunswick Rhino

Designed for kids but engineered to perform like a bowling ball used by the experts, the Brunswick Rhino combines a candy-like visual palette with superior technology.

The Pearl Reactive coverstock and the lightbulb core combine to provide traction and power to the ball, ensuring that no pins remain standing in its path.

The 500 Crown Factory finish means the ball works well in every lane condition. Available in five stunning color combinations, the Rhino gets full marks in visual luster as well.

Providing kids with the necessary know-how about hook potential; the Rhino is a capable mentor that introduces little bowlers to the complex world of pro bowling.

A two-year warranty is also provided along with each purchase.

At more than $74 retail price, the Rhino is among the most expensive bowling balls for kids. While it’s a blast to use due to its amazing responsiveness and accuracy, the high cost may turn prospective customers elsewhere.


  • Its high price is mitigated by its superior performance
  • Can help children learn about hook potential
  • The attractive design of these balls aids in their enduring popularity


  • Not suitable for a kid aged less than 8 years

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9. DV8 Poly

The DV8 is that sort of product that ticks all the right boxes when looking to find the best bowling balls for kids. It has low weight, it’s easy to use, and it comes in an attractive design that a child will be instantly attracted to.

The polyester outer shell may crack if the ball is repeatedly dropped but this outer shell contributes to easy handling of the bowling ball. The pancake core contributes to the velocity as the bowling ball is pushed across the lane.

Another great thing about the DV8 Poly is that customers have to get the holes drilled into these balls themselves. This means every child can get custom holes drilled according to his or her own hand size.

With a one-year warranty included with every purchase, the DV8 Poly is a good choice for beginners. Cheap, visually attractive, and boasting good performance, the DV8 is sure to be a good companion to introduce your child to the fantastic world of bowling.


  • A customer’s age will have no relevance as these balls are perfect for every age
  • Can be used for a lightning-fast straight shot
  • 12-month warranty included with each purchase


  • Damage to the ball may occur if it is repeatedly dropped

10. Sportime Ultimax

The Sportime Ultimax might be the ultimate kiddy bowling ball. With a better-than-average rating regarding comfort to boot, the Ultimax turns out to be a great companion for every child.

The glittery polish of the ball attracts kids and its ease-of-use is a further plus point. The finger holes are designed to be extremely comfortable so that a kid doesn’t hurt his or her fingers when propelling the ball forward.

Since the ball is made from a thermoplastic compound, it’s just the right weight for kids as well at only 4 pounds. As a result, the Ultimax is a good choice for improving the bowling skills of children.

At $66, the Ultimax is comparable to some of the more renowned brands on this list without any of the technological advances of its competitors. Therefore, if the cost is not an issue, this is one of the better bowling balls out there to teach a child the basics of the sport.


  • Its thermoplastic structure gives it low weight
  • No risk of injury to a kid’s fingers due to specially designed finger holes
  • Achieves a high rating due to its high comfort design


  • Being a plastic ball, the price is a little bit high


It’s a well-known observation that kids are readily attracted to bowling due to the nature of the game. Bowling provides the kids an opportunity to shoot targets accurately while simultaneously looking cool doing it.

Moreover, bowling provides children an opportunity to increase their social circle and indulge in some physical exercise at the same time. Aside from the health benefits, this sport also improves children’s hand-eye coordination which may come in handy further down the line as well.

For individuals looking for kids’ bowling balls within a reasonable budget, I would recommend the Champion Sports Rubber bowling ball.

This bowling ball is designed for fun learning of bowling essentials and due to its material composition, can be used both at bowling centers and at home for practice.

For customers on the prowl for kids’ bowling balls without any fiscal limitations, the Brunswick TZone is the best there is.

With a high rating in almost all categories, the TZone is the perfect companion if a kid needs to be taught the techniques and physics involved in this sport. It’s also fun to use and boasts a stunning visual palette as well.