Best Medium Oil Bowling Balls of 2024

Bowling balls are categorized in many ways. Sometimes, that’s done based on the coverstock and at times, based on the lane conditions they’re used in.

In this regard, we have the dry lane bowling balls and the oily lane balls. Each has been designed specifically to deal with a certain lane condition.

Within the oil lane condition bowling balls, there’s another sub-category called the medium-oil bowling balls. These are the average hooking balls that can be used on medium oil patterns and come in very handy when the heavy oil lane conditions start coming apart.

Here, we’ll be looking at some of the best bowling ball options for medium oil lanes, including their best qualities and their flaws, then wrap it all up with a detailed buying guide that’ll help point you in the right direction.


At A Glance: Our Top Picks for Best Medium Oil Bowling Balls

If you’re in a hurry, you can jump straight into our top picks (these are the medium oil bowling balls that most people buy).

  • Hammer Black Widow Gold Bowling Ball Top Pick
  • Brunswick Method Solid Bowling Ball Runner-up
  • Radical Conspiracy Pearl Bowling Ball Runner-up

Top 5 Best Medium Oil Bowling Balls 2024 – Our Reviews:

1. Hammer Black Widow Gold Bowling Ball

The Hammer brand of bowling balls has been around for a while, and the bowling community has had raving reviews on their products, proof that it’s doing everything right. One of their many impressive bowling balls is the Hammer Black Widow Gold bowling ball.

Known for its iconic black widow spider emblem, this bowling ball for medium to light oil pattern lanes has the control and handling needed to make the shots with minimal path distractions.

The ball comes in a variety of weight options ranging from 12 to 16 pounds, which puts it on the heavier side of bowling balls for medium oil lanes. However, that shouldn’t be an issue for any pro since heavier balls have been found to have more speed, better control, and better accuracy.

The heavy oil Hammer Black Widow Gold bowling ball makes use of gas mask cores, one of the most sought after medium oil bowling ball cores, which makes it predictable on the bowling lane. It also has a 1000 grit finish that combines with a Powerhouse factory finish polish that adds traction on top of making the ball look beautiful in the light.

The coverstock comes equipped with an Aggression Hybrid padding, which gives it a subtle bounce that adds to the performance of the ball while reinforcing it to minimize cracks and dents.

It has an incredible hook potential, all thanks to the pin and bite action found on the rear end area. With this in tow, the bowler is assured of balance when it comes to handling and control.


  • Responsive ball
  • Good balance
  • Beautiful design
  • Good hitting power
  • All skill level ball
  • Good hook potential


  • Gets spoiled quickly on dry lanes
  • Heavy

2. Brunswick Method Solid Bowling Ball

Brunswick is another big brand involved in the creation of all types of bowling gear from balls to shoes, something they have been doing for years. In their extensive bowling ball for medium lanes catalog, you’ll find a number of impressive balls, and the Brunswick Method Solid Bowling Ball is up there among the best bowling balls for medium lanes.

Making use of the proprietary DynamiCore Technology, the heavy oil ball is made for heavy oil densities but can also perform just as well in light oil; the unique technology gives it all the traction it needs to navigate tricky medium lanes quickly. The design grants it very good traction on the oil, giving it an amazing reactionary response once it leaves the hands and hits the lane towards the pin deck—the type of ball a beginner would be best suited to.

As far as appearances go, the Brunswick Method Solid bowling ball for medium lanes looks great. It has a Synthesis Solid Coverstock that adds speed and comes in various color options, with the main one sporting a combination of blue and purple smoke patterns with the name Method emblazoned across its face in lime green.


  • Great design
  • Color options
  • Solid coverstock
  • Great balance on medium oil lanes


  • Could do with a better core

3. Radical Conspiracy Pearl Bowling Ball

Radical bowling balls are known for their artistic nature. The brand pays as much attention to the appearance of the ball as they do to performance, and when these two combine, what you have in your hands is one of the best medium oil bowling balls that every bowler would be dying to have.

As one of the best bowling balls, the Radical Conspiracy Pearl glides in oily condition lanes like a bird gliding through the air.

The ball is equipped with a Conspiracy Pearl Reactive core that is housed inside a Forged 2 Pearl coverstock. The two provide the perfect teamwork to create a medium lane bowling ball that feels just right in the hands, and even when you release it, you can predict the direction of the ball  with near accuracy.

This best bowling ball entry also uses the DynamiCore Technology, which allows it to store kinetic energy when rolling at high speeds and release it when it comes into contact with the pins. This increases its strike impact, helping you clear a game faster if you know where to strike.

The hook and flare potential are also off the charts and one of the reasons why many professional and beginner bowlers love going for the Radical Conspiracy Pearl. It’s every speed bowler’s dream.


  • Solid construction
  • DynamicCore Tech
  • Beautiful coverstock
  • Unique core
  • Good hook potential
  • Nice pin carry action
  • Handles medium lanes well


  • Tends to lose power once it hits the ground
  • A bit heavy

4. Ebonite Vortex V2 Bowling Ball

At about $100, this could well be one of the cheapest medium oil bowling balls you’ll ever come across in the market. The beautiful sphere comes in a range of colors, and each ball features the iconic V2 emblem on the surface.

The coverstock is a Solid Reactive Resin version with a symmetrical Modified V2 core. The two combine well to give the ball its much-touted performance.

The good handling makes it an ideal ball for beginner bowlers who are just getting used to bowling on medium lane surfaces.

With an Abralon 1500 factory finish, the heavy oil ball looks very good; the colors are subtle, which makes it an ideal choice for bowlers who are looking for something chilled out in appearance but a beast in performance.

The ball packs good speeds once it hits the lanes, moving almost in a straight predetermined fashion, largely due to the impressive coverstock.


  • Subtle appearance
  • Solid construction
  • Good speeds
  • Affordable choice
  • Good beginner ball


  • The quality of some parts are inferior

5. Roto Grip Halo Pearl Bowling Ball

Aesthetically speaking, the Roto Grip Halo Pearl bowling ball has outdone itself; it’s easily one of the best medium ball options. Featuring a Reactive Pearl coverstock, an asymmetrical Centrum core, and a 1500 grit polished finish, the ball has the performance of some of the top-of-the-line bowling oil balls while being retailed at an affordable price range.

As one of the best options out there, the bowling ball comes from a long one of impressive medium oil bowling balls that are in high demand among professional bowlers.

It has a good backend reaction, and the pad finish on the cover stock gives it a good grip in the hands of the players. The moment it’s released, the pad gives the ball a slight bounce, which helps it pick up speed on oily lanes and hit the pin deck with a vengeance.

Although this bowling ball has been created for heavy and light lane conditions, it can be used on dry lanes too but that is never recommended as it can pick up damages much quicker. The pin ball hitter comes in varying weight options as well as a range of colors that includes coal, fuchsia, sky blue, and pearl.


  • Color options
  • Wide range of weights
  • Beautiful design
  • Quality construction
  • Highly reactive ball
  • Great pin carry action
  • Good for pro skill levels


  • Unpredictable for non-oily lanes
  • A bit heavy

Buying a Medium Oil Bowling Ball: Things to Keep in Mind

When you make the conscious decision to buy an item, you always pay attention to some external factors that may have a role in determining the performance of that item.

The same rules apply for a bowling ball for medium lanes. The following are some of the things you have to keep in mind when making a purchase.


The weight of the heavy oil ball is vital; it affects the most important aspects of the ball’s performance, from speed, handling, control. and pin carry in oil conditions. When selecting the best bowling ball, make sure that it is a tenth of your body weight or something in that range.

What you need to keep in mind is that the heavier the ball, the faster it is and the easier it is to control. The general maximum weight of a medium oil bowling ball is usually capped at 16 pounds.

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Cover Stock

This is the outer shell of the heavy oil bowling ball, and it has to be strong and durable. The best bowling ball deals with lots of bumps and throws, and if they were ordinary types of balls, they’d be cracking with each gameplay on oily lanes.

For oily balls, the cover stock is of greater significance as it determines the friction and traction that the ball needs to move along the lane as well as its reactionary speeds.

When looking at coverstocks, focus your attention on three main types; plastic, urethane coverstock, and reactive resin. Some come with an extra carbon fiber layer reinforcement and are categorized as carbon fiber balls.

These three are the best on the market, and you’ll be better off choosing a ball that utilizes any of them.

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Some balls come pre-drilled while others come undrilled. Pre-drilled ones will require you to test several models to find one that fits your fingers and hand measurements perfectly; this could be hard.

The advantage of getting a non-drilled ball is that you get the chance to customize it to your exact specifications. This will give you better control and handling in all lanes, which is important if you like throwing hooks and generating strong pin carry action.

Use the services of an expert to get this done so that you don’t end up with the wrong holes.

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Much of the ball’s weight is concentrated in the core, and the material used will determine much of how the ball operates.

A lot of mathematical considerations are put into the manufacture of the core. There has to be a balance, or else the ball risks making erratic movements that make it unsuitable when bowling in some oil conditions.

Medium oil bowling ball cores come in three types: a Pancake Core that’s ideal for straight shots, a symmetrical core for speed balls, and an asymmetrical core for a hook shot. Get a good grasp of what each entails by asking an expert at the shop before committing to a purchase.


How a bowling ball for medium lanes looks may not have any direct impact on the bowlers’ ball performance, but it can have a psychological effect on the bowler. Some people love colorful balls, and holding one that has all the right colors in the right places will go a long way in uplifting the mood of the play.


Bowling balls come in varying classes. There are bowling brands that cost an arm and a leg, the budget ones that are a shade cheaper, and the low-tier ones that cost peanuts.

Prices do correlate to the quality, but that isn’t reason enough to spend entire savings on a high-end best bowling ball. What you should be looking at is finding a budget bowling ball for oil medium surfaces that has most of the top features with a price range that’s well within your means.

You could get an expensive medium oil bowling ball but lack the skills to get the best out of it, and that would be a waste.

Lane Condition

You have to be clear upfront about the type of lane you plan to play on. Using the wrong bowling ball on the wrong lane will only accelerate the damage to the ball.

Get dry balls for the dry lane and oily balls for the oily alleys.

If you’re unsure on how to go about this, then you can always ask at the shop for the differences to be made clear for you, or alternatively, you can look up the many online sites that talk about bowling. You’re sure to come across information that clearly makes the distinction between these two-lane surfaces.

The Bottom Line

The difference between medium oil bowling balls and the other types of balls isn’t that much; if you disregard the lanes assigned for each, it would be hard to tell them apart.

Therefore, pay attention to the small details that differentiate them, or you may end up with the wrong medium oil bowling ball. Expand your search to other places and use this guide to narrow down your choices.