Best Reactive Resin Bowling Balls of 2024

If you are looking for a ball that gives you the maximum hook potential and angularity while bowling in the slickest oil lanes, you would need a good reactive resin bowling ball.

Perfect for medium-heavy oil lanes, reactive resin bowling balls absorb oil well and can create friction and traction. They also provide higher-level controls for both straight and hook shots

For someone who wants to up their game, a reactive resin ball is a must-have in their arsenal. 

While some reactive resin balls work best for gaining mid-lane traction, others are popular for their angles and backend motions. 

I have researched all those top-class reactive resin balls out there to bring you five of the best ones in this article. 


At A Glance: Our Top Picks for Best Reactive Resin Bowling Balls

If you’re in a hurry, you can jump straight into our top picks (these are the reactive resin bowling balls that most people buy).

  • Brunswick Strike King Bowling Ball Top Pick
  • Hammer Black Widow Assassin Bowling Ball Runner-up
  • Ebonite Cyclone Bowling Ball Runner-up

Top 5 Best Reactive Resin Bowling Balls – Our Reviews:

1. Brunswick Strike King Bowling Ball

Strike King from Brunswick is for those players who want to take their hooking to the next level. Unlike the majority of other reactive resin balls, Strike King is affordable, making it a top choice for all experienced players. 

Strike King comes with a 500 finish and high-gloss buff providing excellent length with a good response to friction at the breakpoint. Packed with SK13 reactive resin coverstock and symmetrical core, this ball brings out some impressive curves. 

Instead of merely gliding, Strike King rolls smoothly down the lane, absorbing oil well. The ball is designed in such a way that by the time it reaches the pin deck, its power decreases and it rolls smoothly in an angle.  


  • Smooth backend motions
  • Exceptional hook potential
  • Absorbs oil well and creates more friction
  • Rolls smoothly on the lane 
  • Good angularity  


  • Setting up angle for the hook could take a while 

2. Hammer Black Widow Assassin Bowling Ball

The Hammer Black Widow Assassin is best known for its exceptional backend action. It is also one of the best bowling balls for hook shots. 

One more addition from the successful Black Widow family, Assassin comes packed with NBT Solid coverstock and Gas Mask Core. It is one aggressive ball that Hammer launched with 1000 Abralon and Powerhouse Factory finish, making it a stunning powerhouse. 

If you are a bowler who prefers heavier bowling balls, Black Widow Assassin is one of the heaviest and a must-try. This ball features one of the best builds in the market, which explains the equally heavy price tag. 

Black Widow Assassin comes undrilled, so players can drill custom holes based on finger size. 


  • High performance
  • Durability 
  • Comes undrilled out of the box 
  • Exceptional backend motions
  • Attention-grabbing design 


  • Expensive
  • Doesn’t have lighter weight variants 

3. Ebonite Cyclone Bowling Ball

The Ebonite Cyclone Bowling Ball comes packed with great features but doesn’t go heavy on the pocket. This primary strike ball is made of GB 10.7 Solid Reactive coverstock and Cyclone Torq Core, done with 4000 Abralon and Powerhouse Factory finish. 

The Cyclone is a high-performing ball and also one of the best balls of all time from Ebonite. Available in weights ranging from 12lbs to 16lbs, this ball is great for both beginners and advanced players. 

Although it is best suited for medium oil lanes, this Ebonite ball also works well on dry lanes. Its black/red/yellow colorway also makes it a great sight in the alleys. 


  • High performance
  • Pocket-friendly
  • Great length and backend motions
  • Attractive design 


  • Not suitable for heavy-oil lanes 

4. Motiv Venom Shock Bowling Ball

Made with Turmoil MFS Reactive coverstock, Gear Symmetrical core, and 4000 Grit sanded finish, the Venom Shock from Motiv is one of the best bowling balls of all time.

Venom Shock is arguably one of the best high-performing reactive resin balls. It tops every other ball on this list as the smoother reactive resin ball to be launched on a normal house shot pattern. 

Best suited for light-medium oil lanes, Venom Shock is an aggressive ball that provides great angularity. 

As for aesthetics, the glow-in-dark orange logo on the purple shell makes it an eye-catching ball. If you are a beginner looking to take your game up a notch, you can’t go wrong with this stunner from Motiv. 


  • Smooth and angular backend motions
  • Pocket-friendly
  • Outstanding performance 
  • Good-looking glow-in-the-dark ball


  • Not suitable for heavy-oil lanes 

5. Storm Tropical Storm Reactive Resin Bowling Ball

Storm rebranded its popular Tropical Breeze ball to Tropical Storm and released it into the market in a variety of color options. 

Packed with a Camber Core and Reactor Pearl coverstock, Storm finished this ball in a 1500 grit polish. Tropical Storm provides more predictable and controllable motions, making it suitable for both beginners as well as advanced players. 

This Storm bowling ball offers a high RG/low differential, so beginners would find this ball very useful when adjusting to both straight shots and hooks. The reactive resin coverstock helps the ball glide smoothly, providing optimum pin carry and good reaction down lane. 

Tropical Storm White/Blue and Blue/Orange are both visual treats as they roll down the lane. 


  • Provides good predictability 
  • High RG/low differential
  • Wide variety of color options and fragrances 
  • Suitable for all skill-level players
  • Provides optimum pin-carry 


  • Not for hooking fanatics 


All these reactive resin coverstock balls are great and offer a wide variety of features, with durability and reliability being at the top. While they are good for players of all skill levels, I recommend that you pick a ball that suits your style. 

If hooking is your strength, I recommend Brunswick’s Strike King. If you are a beginner and want to take up your game a notch with a reactive resin ball, go for Motiv’s Venom Shock. 

For those looking for a high-performing ball that is easy on the pocket, Ebonite’s Cyclone is a good pick. For strong backend actions, go for Hammer’s Black Widow Assassin. 

Finally, if you want a ball that looks great, feels good in your hands, and performs well, Storm’s Tropical Storm won’t let you down.