Best Bowling Balls for Two-Handed Bowlers of 2024

Two-handed bowling is a style that has risen to prominence in recent years. A controversial method that was initially rejected by purists and traditionalists, the two-handed technique is slowly getting accepted thanks to the unique set of advantages it offers to players.

When properly executed after a period of refining and honing your technique, the two-handed method can garner some serious results on the lane.

One notable benefit to bowling two-handed is the enhanced control it can offer you. You’ll be able to predict and map out both hooks and precision shots better, thanks to a smoother transition to the lane.

You’ll also be able to generate an impressive amount of spin power, which will once again greatly assist you with your hooking.

A vital factor you’ll have to consider when committing to this method is the ball that you choose. For example, you’ll want something resilient with a good capacity for picking up revs, among other qualities. 

I’ve compiled this list of best bowling balls for two-handed bowlers that’ll hopefully meet your needs, whether you’re a seasoned two-hander or just keen to expand your repertoire.


At A Glance: Our Top Picks for Best Bowling Balls for Two-Handed Bowlers

If you’re in a hurry, you can jump straight into our top picks (these are the bowling balls for two-handed bowlers that most people buy).

  • Storm Tropical Hybrid Bowling Ball Top Pick
  • Brunswick T-Zone Ball Runner-up
  • Storm Pitch Bowling Ball Runner-up

Top 5 Best Bowling Balls for Two-Handed Bowlers – Our Reviews:

1. Storm Tropical Hybrid Bowling Ball

Coming highly recommended within the two-handed bowling sphere, the Tropical Breeze from Storm Bowling packs a considerable amount of punch with great revving capability.

It’s a balanced ball that generates some impressive revolutions, no matter your typical bowling speed. This makes it good for both beginners and veterans who are gunning for big hooks and sweeping strikes.

It’s been reported that oilier surfaces can prove troublesome for the Tropical Breeze, although it fares impressively well on moderate to light oil patterns.


  • Great for spins and hooks
  • Well balanced and weighted
  • Suitable for bowlers of all abilities


  • Struggles on slippier lanes

2. Brunswick T-Zone Ball

For bowlers who prioritize precision, the T-Zone from Brunswick could serve them well. 

The added control of bowling two-handed could be further enhanced by this ball, allowing you to nail those spares should you ever need to.

The T-Zone’s adeptness at straight rolling makes it a solid choice for beginners who prefer to bowl two-handed or advanced players who don’t want to solely rely on their hooking prowess.

However, the ball has been reported to suffer cracking and coverstock damage over time, so aggressive bowlers may wish to avert their gaze. Additionally, the T-Zone doesn’t offer a whole lot of hooking potential.


  • Great precision ball
  • Performs well on most oil patterns
  • Suitable for all skill levels


  • Not the most durable ball on the market
  • Difficult to hook

3. Storm Pitch Bowling Ball

Seasoned two-handed bowlers could really get a lot out of this entry from Storm. 

The Pitch range has been reported to perform well at slow-moderate speeds, making for a controlled and ultimately bountiful trajectory. 

It’s coated in a Urethane coverstock which gives the ball an added degree of back end recovery. This is particularly beneficial when going for both sharp curves and big hooks. 

The Pitch is most at home on short oil patterns where it has been said to generate a good amount of lane grip.

Reportedly, it doesn’t fare quite so well in oilier conditions and has been known to slide off its predicted course.


  • Good back end recovery for hooks
  • Good control at slower velocities
  • Good performance on lighter oil patterns


  • Slips and slides on oily lanes
  • Harder to control for faster bowlers

4. Hammer Vibe Cherry Ball

A seriously cool-looking entry from Hammer comes in the form of the Vibe Cherry Ball. This is a powerful and resilient ball that builds up some impressive momentum when rolled with two hands.

Part of its durability can be accredited to its carbon fiber reinforced composition. Its coverstock also boasts an impressive degree of grip potential to assist in those controlled curves—especially on light oil patterns. 

That said, the Vibe Cherry can falter under oilier conditions and has been known to deviate from its intended course in such events. 


  • An aesthetically pleasing design and finish 
  • Carbon fiber infused build makes for impressive durability 
  • Grips to light oil patterns well


  • Struggles on oilier lanes
  • Has been reported to ship with defects

5. Storm Code X Bowling Ball

Two-handed bowlers with a penchant for speed and aggression may take a liking to the Code X, another fine entry from Storm Bowling

The Code X picks up an impressive amount of speed, which can be further supplemented by a smooth transition to the lane—as best facilitated by a two-hand technique.

It performs remarkably well on oilier lane conditions, though it may take some getting used to as it’s been known to come off almost uncomfortably fast. This can prove problematic for players hoping for a more predictable curve.

It features a 1500 grit finish which may cause issues for some two-handed bowlers, as it can grip medium to low oil patterns, making it difficult to hook.


  • Good for bowlers who want high speeds and big finishes
  • Fares well on oily lanes
  • Can pick up an impressive number of revs—with practice


  • Too grippy on low oil patterns
  • Can take time to build up a decent amount of control


There’s a whole host of benefits to embracing this once-controversial-now-celebrated bowling technique, and there are tons of options to help you best explore it.

Thanks to its versatility and rev capacity, I think the Storm Tropical Hybrid Bowling Ball is a solid all-rounder, whether you’re a committed two-hander or just exploring new avenues. That’s not to say the other entries included in this list don’t excel in their own domains. 

I hope this selection of best bowling balls has given you a comprehensive insight into your options as a two-handed bowler so you can make a choice that best suits you.