Best Knee Braces for Bowling of 2024

Each stride in every bowling game builds up to the moment where the bowler releases the ball towards the pins waiting at the other end. The exact moment when the ball is let go exerts significant force on a bowler’s knees.

Young bowlers can go for years before they develop any knee issues due to their bowling habits.

However, older bowlers aren’t so lucky in this regard. As old age approaches, the knees are normally the first body joint to become mired with problems.

This is where knee braces come in. A knee brace is an accessory that both prevents injury to a knee during bowling and ensures good distribution of the stress inflicted on the knee joints through the application of the latest scientific advances in its construction.

Therefore, those who regularly indulge in bowling need a good knee brace to ensure that they’re able to bowl without hassle for as long as possible.

With hundreds of knee braces available on the market, it can become a difficult mission to select one best knee brace that provides unparalleled comfort to your knee. No worries as I have reviewed and tested most of the knee braces out there and come up with the list below that contains 10 of the best knee braces for bowling.


At A Glance: Our Top Picks for Best Knee Braces for Bowling

If you’re in a hurry, you can jump straight into our top picks (these are the knee braces for bowling that most people buy).

  • RiptGear Compression Knee Sleeve Top Pick
  • KARM Compression Knee Sleeve Runner-up
  • UFlex Athletics Knee Compression Sleeve Runner-up

Top 10 Best Knee Brace for Bowling 2024 – Our Reviews:

1. RiptGear Compression Knee Sleeve

Designed to provide a premium level of comfort to the bowler, the Compression Knee Sleeve from RiptGear is engineered to perfection.

Made from a combination of nylon and spandex, this knee sleeve is known for its durable construction and comfortable fabric that causes little to no itching even after continuous use of several hours.

Available in five different diameters, these knee sleeves fit easily to legs of all sizes. In addition, there are rubber strips sewn into the inside to prevent the braces from slipping during running.

The compression technology employed also helps increase the flow of blood throughout the leg, which aids in fitness and calorie burning. With built-in safeguards to prevent all sorts of knee injuries, these sleeves can even be used to reduce knee pain after surgery of the area around the knee.

Available only in black at a retail price of $25, this is one of the best knee braces currently available in the market.


  • Provides an unparalleled level of pain relief to the knees
  • Ensures good ventilation to this important area of the body
  • Can even aid in recuperation after tendonitis and ACL tear


  • None so to speak

2. KARM Compression Knee Sleeve

Employing high-quality manufacturing, the Compression Knee Sleeve from KARM should be worn by every bowler looking to prevent long term damage to his knees from bowling.

The 3D knitting technology employed in the making of this knee sleeve not only provides good ventilation but also ensures good blood flow at all times. The nylon and spandex combo also keeps the knees fairly comfortable at all times.

In addition, some silicone strips have been added internally to prevent the knee brace from slipping during games. The specially designed nature of the sleeve makes it a perfect match for those who suffer from arthritis or meniscus tear.

This is not all, as KARM provides a full refund opportunity if a customer finds the knee support less than satisfactory.

The sleeve also comes in a variety of sizes so that people of all ages can find the perfectly fitting sleeve for their knees. Starting from only $12, this sleeve ensures superior athlete performance while reducing the probability of pain and injuries.


  • Can be used for protection in every type of sport
  • High-quality production ensures the sleeve lasts for a long time
  • Extremely affordable at only $12


  • Elasticity of these knee braces may reduce due to repeated use

3. UFlex Athletics Knee Compression Sleeve

Meshing the latest research with good material quality, this knee compression sleeve from UFlex provides both pain relief and good support in any athletic activity.

The revolutionary sleeve features proper insulation, limited patella movement, and almost no irritation to develop a product that can be worn the whole day without thinking twice.

Another great thing about this product is that fiber construction allows for proper ventilation to take place throughout the period the sleeve is worn. This prevents the build-up of both sweat and odor behind the knee and keeps the skin fresh.

The 3D knitting technology used to create this nylon and spandex mashup means that this knee compression sleeve can be used effectively in almost all sports. Anti-Slip silicone is also included in the design to keep the sleeve at its intended place during bowling.

Costing less than $15, this knee support is a tried and tested solution for bowlers who spend a lot of time at the bowling alley.


  • Silicone strips prevent slipping of the brace during movement
  • Good ventilation comes in handy during games that drag on for long
  • No chance of pain when this sleeve is used


  • Closed patella design isn’t as effective at protecting knee caps; this may drive some customers to choose another knee brace

4. SB Sox Compression Knee Brace

Available in four different color combinations that will pop out at any bowling arena, the SB Box knee braces are a simple and effective solution for preventing knee pain.

Since this is a compression sleeve, the SB Sox fits the knee area tightly which increases blood circulation. The increased blood flow improves oxygen circulation as well which comes in handy while mitigating pain relief.

Another reason why this knee brace support is so popular is that a Double Silicone Grip gel is also worked into the construction of this knee brace to provide additional security to the front of the knee.

The fabric used in the making of these compression sleeves absorbs moisture readily, preventing the build-up of sweat underneath. No-slip cuffs are sewn at both the top and bottom of the product to ensure that it doesn’t slide down the leg during bowling.

A combination of low cost and ergonomic comfort make this one of the top options to have if you indulge in frequent bowling.


  • Good moisture absorbance
  • Embedded gel area works to prevent ACL tear
  • Affordable price tag
  • Ensures no pain in the knee region


  • Product elasticity has been known to decrease after repeated use

5. Mava Sports Knee Support

Sporting a stylish design in a sleek black color, the Sports Knee Support from Mava is a must-have for bowlers who take part in games consistently.

Made from a combination of fiber and latex, this accessory encapsulates the whole knee area to prevent both injuries and pain from inflicting this important joint. The anatomical shape of the accessory means that it easily slips on and off the knee at will.

Absolutely no cases of stiffness and itching have been found from all customers who have given this a chance. In addition, this knee sleeve can even be easily employed during general exercise sessions of the body as well as a healing aid after surgery.

At a retail cost of almost $20, this knee brace from Mava is definitely one of the pricier options out there. However, the comfort and security offered means that the Sports Knee Support is worth its weight in gold.


  • Effective knee brace for bowling
  • No itching, even after being used for long periods of time
  • Can be used to prevent knee pain in every type of sport


  • More expensive as compared to other braces at $20

6. RiptGear Open Patella Knee Brace

A perfect companion for every bowling knee, this knee brace from RiptGear features the latest design advances to provide all-round support and stability for every knee joint.

Being an open patella knee support, the frontal knee cap portion is left uncovered by this design. One reason this is done is to keep the cap in its intended position and thus prevent injuries that result from movement of the knees.

The revolutionary design employed means that this knee brace can be used as effectively in weight lifting and sprinting as it is used in bowling.

Available in medium, large, and extra-large sizes, this knee brace fits snugly via straps attached to both its top and bottom, enabling bowlers of all sizes to use the brace with perfect fit.

At almost $30, this is one of the more expensive options on this list. However, for the level of support and stability provided to the knee cap, I believe this product is worth the price.


  • Open patella design provides added protection to the knee
  • Perfect for someone who already has had a knee injury in the past
  • Fits perfectly due to straps that can be sized according to the leg circumference


  • Some consumers may balk at its high cost

7. EzyFit Compression Knee Brace

A bowling knee brace that prioritizes comfort over athletic efficiency, the EzyFit knee brace sports a simple design in a black and blue palette.

The neoprene material keeps the knee well ventilated as bowlers are expected to wear a knee brace for long periods of time. Moreover, the unique design of this knee brace helps prevent tendonitis.

The product is available in three sizes to ensure most people can find a product choice most suited to their needs.

If further fitting is required, velcro strips are included at the top and the bottom of the brace to ensure a perfect fit on the leg during bowling.

Available online for $26, the EzyFit Compression Brace ensures great pain relief and lateral support. As a result, this is an easy-to-use knee support that works well for bowling related tasks.


  • Will prevent ACL tear from happening during bowling
  • Provides good stability and support to the knee
  • Ensures alleviation of knee pain that might result due to bowling


  • May rip after repeatedly slipping on and off the knee; this may bother some customers
  • No refund opportunity or warranty offered

8. Techware Pro Knee Brace Support

Built to disperse forces on knees that arise from frequent handling of a bowling ball, the Techware Pro Knee Brace is a simple little accessory that comes in very handy at any bowling competition.

The neoprene material combined with superior design ensures both knee protection and pain relief. A circumferential gel pad encapsulates the open area at the front of the knee brace to protect the knee cap from any direct hits.

Available in a choice of four different sizes, the Techware Pro Knee Brace provides further fitting options through easily adjustable straps. Therefore, this knee brace support can be used for mundane exercises such as running to more demanding routines like weightlifting.

Sold at a retail price of $22, the Techware Pro Knee Brace Support will get the job done. While not the best knee brace on the market, this product has carved out its own little niche to earn a spot on this list.


  • Will ensure proper support of the knee at any type of sport or game
  • Enables good ventilation of the knees which ensures no accumulation of sweat
  • One of the more comfortable knee braces on this list


  • The neoprene material may rip apart easily after several washes

9. ACE Compression Brace

Available only in white, the ACE knee braces feature the four-way compression technology that aids movement and keeps the skin fresh.

Side stabilizers are included at both sides of the brace to ensure lateral support during leg movement. This makes the design perfect for both sports and nursing knee injuries.

The sleeve’s form means that it isn’t limited to use in a game only, it can just as easily be used in fitness routines and exercises as well.

Even though the fabric is strong and of high quality, it’s relatively thin. This enables bowlers to wear under any type of clothing without irritation.

Furthermore, this bowling knee brace is available in four different sizes to cater to people of all sizes.

In addition, a comfort panel is also added to the area behind the knee. With a retail cost of only $12, this knee brace for bowling is a good inclusion to every bowler’s kit for optimum performance on any bowling site.


  • Thin fabric feels light on the skin
  • Addition of a comfort panel improves ease of use
  • Perfect companion for pain alleviation


  • Doesn’t come with washing instructions

10. Powerlix Knee Compression Sleeve

In the realm of knee compression sleeves, the Powerlix is a capable option that ensures superior athletic performance while ensuring above-average support and stability to every knee it envelopes.

Both the design and the material are chosen so as to meld seamlessly with any type of clothing worn by an athlete. With 80% nylon and 20% spandex used in its making, the sleeve has both light weight and great ventilation.

Silicone gel strips are also included to ensure that these knee braces don’t move when bowlers sprint on the bowling alley. To further entice customers towards this product, the company behind the product also provides a money-back guarantee as they ensure customer satisfaction with their product remains high.

Available in five different color palettes, the Powerlix knee braces work well enough to earn a spot on this list. It’s also fairly cheap, with the smallest size of this knee brace costing only $16.


  • Good choice to protect an important part of the human body during the game
  • Money-back guarantee included as well to provide confidence to buyers about the viability of the sleeve
  • Mitigates knee pain effectively


  • Not as comfortable as some other options on this list


Once used by only the oldest participants in the sport, bowling knee braces have quickly cemented themselves as a must-have accessory in any game. High-quality bowling knee braces are now frequently seen in use by both young and old as they guarantee long-lasting protection of the knees.

Knee braces for bowling have a dual purpose. They not only prevent knee pain that is a frequent occurrence in bowlers but also provide all-around support to the knee area from any possible injuries that players might incur during bowling.

While every knee brace for bowling provides the same essential function of redistributing pressure on knees, each brace does differ in the level of comfort and its affordability. Cost differences are also present between different types of knee braces and they affect the production quality of the product itself as well.

For those on the prowl for the best knee brace for bowling at a low cost, one of the best options in this regard is the ACE knee brace. Comfortable and light in weight, it does its job diligently and does not cost a fortune while doing so.

For bowlers looking for the best knee brace for bowling that is both extremely comfortable and lasts a long time, there is nothing better than the RiptGear Compression Sleeve. Arguably considered by some to be the best knee brace currently available, it provides unparalleled comfort and control to the body.

Lastly, knee braces are great but it doesn’t hurt to get extra protection for other parts of your body, too. Consider getting some bowling tapes, wrist supports, and bowling elbow braces that can keep you safe from injuries.