Best Bowling Tapes of 2024

Bowling is arguably the world’s favorite pastime, providing the perfect platform for friends and family to create fun memories. However, marathon bowling sessions can leave you with bruises and sore muscles, and that can dampen the mood in the otherwise happy camp.

Many believe that it is always better to be safe than sorry. Well, I consider myself an advocate of that viewpoint too. 

A bowler must leave no stone unturned to protect himself from harm. One way to prevent bruises, broken fingers, cuts, and calluses is by using bowling elbow braces, wrist protectors, and of course, bowling tapes.

What to consider when buying bowling tapes?

There are numerous factors to consider if you want to make an informed purchase. 

Pick a bowling tape that protects your fingers and thumb. The tape should have a firm grip but it should not hinder your release. 

It should be easy to apply and remove. Plus, upon removal, there should be no sticky residue left behind. 

Choosing the right bowling tape from a plethora of options can prove to be a challenging and tedious task. 

Luckily, I have you covered. Here are some of the best bowling tapes shortlisted for your convenience.


At A Glance: Our Top Picks for Best Bowling Tapes

If you’re in a hurry, you can jump straight into our top picks (these are the bowling tapes that most people buy).

  • Vise Bowling Tape Top Pick
  • Storm Thunder Bowling Skin Protection Tape Runner-up
  • Bowling Protecting Tape Roll Runner-up

Top 5 Best Bowling Tapes – Our Reviews:

1. Vise Bowling Tape 

If you are looking for a bowling tape that offers an unmatched grip, you should try Vise Bowling Tape. The tape has been specifically manufactured for the thumb and is pre-cut for your convenience. 

Measuring only 0.1” thick, the Vise Bowling Tape is one of the thinnest bowling tapes money can buy. You’ll barely feel it; it feels as though it is part of the skin.

However, before you apply this tape, you need to clean your hands and ensure that they are moist-free. Otherwise, the tape won’t stick well. 

Like all excellent bowling tapes, the Vise Bowling Tape also doesn’t leave any residue behind. 


  • Pre-cut to fit your thumb
  • Affordable
  • Thin 
  • Allows nice release of the ball


  • Moist hands can restrict its ability to stay put
  • The application can be challenging

2. Storm Thunder Bowling Skin Protection Tape

Once you apply the Storm Thunder Bowling Skin Protection Tape to your thumb, you can be sure it won’t peel off on its own, and once removed, you won’t find any residue. 

Available in a variety of colors, the Storm Thunder Bowling Skin Protection Tape works exactly as advertised. It does a stunning job of protecting you from cuts and bruises. 

Since it handles swelling pretty well, you can wear the tape through your bowling session without reapplication. I like that we also have the option of purchasing the tape pre-cut. 


  • Doesn’t hinder the release
  • Flexible
  • Thin but strong enough to offer steady protection 


  • Only for the thumb
  • Taking it off can be difficult

3. Bowling Protecting Tape Roll

The Bowling Protecting Tape Roll provided by may not benefit from the choicest of names, but you should not let its unimaginative name fool you into thinking that it isn’t good. 

The tape is as thin as can be and the weave has been tightened to offer optimum protection to your fingers. 

Its application and removal are as easy as whistling dixies and it leaves behind no mess. 

If there is swelling during mid-game, you can loosen the tape with minimum fuss. You don’t need to remove it completely. 

The smoothness of the tape is also worth raving about. 


  • Not pre-cut (you can cut to your preferred length) 
  • Affordable
  • Allows smooth release of the ball
  • Adjusts to swelling


  • Doesn’t stay put on moist hands
  • Should be cut properly to prevent the tape from fraying

4. Turbo Grips Course Fitting Uncut Tape Roll

The Turbo Grips Course Fitting Uncut Tape Roll largely benefits from its coarse texture, providing a firm grip for bowlers. Once applied, the tape can perform well for extended periods.

Regular users of the tape wax lyrical of its ability to stick well to the fingers and thumb; hence, you won’t need to reapply it frequently. 

The Turbo Grips Course Filling Uncut Tape Roll is marketed as a tape that doesn’t leave behind any residue. I can vouch that it lives up to its promise. 

Like other wonderful tapes around, this one also accommodates swelling. 


  • Can be loosened to accommodate swelling
  • Smooth release and firm grip
  • No residue left behind


  • Should be cut properly to prevent fraying at the edges

5. Turbo Grips Quick Release Bowling Thumb Tape

Weighing a mere 0.32 ounces, the Turbo Grips Quick Release Bowling Thumb Tape offers unmatched protection without giving you a hint of its existence. You can be assured of a smooth game with this tape in your bowling bag. 

You also won’t find any residue upon removal of the tape. 

The Turbo Grips Quick Release Bowling Thumb Tape is known for its ability to last long. To extend its life even further, apply it only on dry hands. 

The one major complaint I have against this tape is its inability to accommodate swelling. 

If you start swelling, the tape must come off. Thankfully, removing the tape is easy.  


  • Lightweight and thin
  • Doesn’t leave behind residue
  • Strong grip
  • Can last long


  • Doesn’t accommodate swelling
  • Can fail if applied incorrectly


A bowling tape can be the deciding factor whether you go home happy or sore after a bowling session. 

A good bowling tape offers protection to your fingers and thumb, has a strong grip and a smooth release, accommodates swelling, is easy to apply and remove, and doesn’t leave behind any residue. 

A bowling tape that boasts of all those mentioned features is the Turbo Grip Course Fitting Uncut Tape Roll. Try it—I am certain you will thank me for the recommendation.