Health Benefits of Bowling

Bowling is a sport that has one of the longest and richest histories of fun: the sound of a good strike, music in the alleys, and the sight of bowling balls sliding down the lanes. Exercise is probably not the first thing that comes to mind when you think about this fun and competitive game.

However, it’s interesting to note that bowling is a great workout and it actually comes packed with numerous health benefits – for your physical, psychological, and mental health. It helps you use and build at least 137 muscles in your body! 

This article will take you through all the amazing things that happen to your body every time you bowl. 


9 Health Benefits of Bowling – Why Bowling is Good for You!

1. Weight Loss & Improved Metabolism 

You will be fascinated to know that in a three game series, the bowler actually walks more than a half-mile and burns 200-300 calories. This level of physical activity is equal to jumping rope for about 25 minutes and is great for your leg muscles.

The repeated lifting of a heavy bowling ball causes your body to burn some calories and helps you maintain a healthy weight. 

Depending on your weight and how frequently you play this fun sport, bowling can facilitate weight loss, aid in the removal of excess fat, and improve your metabolism. If you are a beginner and looking for low-impact exercise options, bowling is a fun and worthy pick with numerous physical benefits.

2. Strengthened & Toned Muscles 

Whenever you bowl, the muscles in your abdomen, chest, thighs, arms, shoulders, calves, and hands stretch. Since you carry a heavy bowling ball and slide it following a specific motion and speed, it requires a lot of muscle control which, in turn, helps with muscle toning. 

Releasing the ball also helps strengthen your backbone and tighten your back muscles, which increases bone density and improves your overall core strength. 

Now, one game may not tone your muscles but if you are a frequent player, your muscles are bound to get stronger. Even the average bowler can see the benefits of bowling and how the sport works wonders for their bones, joints, and ligaments!

3. Flexibility & Balance

With practice, as you perfect the bowling stance by stopping at the line before releasing the ball, your physical balance gets better. Bowlers stretch, twist, and lunge — all of which greatly enhance one’s flexibility and offer many health benefits. 

As you continue to master your footwork, you enhance your balance, thereby improving your potential to play other sports as well.

Even in a three game series, bowlers have countless opportunities to stretch and balance, engaging muscles and joints in ways that are not common in most people’s daily routine.

4. Concentration & Mental Alertness

A bowling game requires a lot of hand-eye coordination as you aim to strike 10 pins that are 60 feet away with a heavy bowling ball. This intense level of focus stimulates mental alertness and hones your concentration skills. 

The hand-eye coordination and focus required by the average bowler in this sport works very well to sharpen motor skills. As discussed, bowling strengthens your back muscles, and some of these back muscles are linked to the brain and trigger neurons to fire at their maximum potential. 

5. Adrenaline Rush & Healthier Heart

One of the other important bowling health benefits involves improving your resting heart rate and blood circulation. Improving your heart health even lowers cholesterol levels and reduces your risk of heart disease. 

If you decide to take your bowling practice up a notch and consistently play 3 sessions a week at your local bowling alley, you will surely increase your cardiovascular endurance. The repeated muscle exercise and constant movement helps your body utilize oxygen and improves circulation. 

The sheer adrenaline rush as you aim to make points and strike the pins down improves your heart’s health by a great deal. 

Unlike other intense games, bowling is one of the few sports that are low-impact and popularly recommended by physicians all over the world. 

6. Stress Relief & Peaceful Mind

Bowling is structured in a way that lifts your mood by encouraging your brain to release endorphins. This process lowers hypertension and high blood pressure. 

Being that bowling is such a social game, coordination with team members is integral. Whether it’s celebrating a point scored or anticipating your next moves with your fellow players, bowling works wonders to boost your social life and relieve daily stress.

Bowling encourages easy adjustment methods, meaning it is a popular game to play with the entire family. This contributes to closer family ties and improved communication, which can be a great mental stress reliever.

7. Reduced Risk of Diseases 

Since bowling improves heart health and helps players avoid a sedentary lifestyle, it also helps lower the risk of diabetes and strokes. 

Studies show that high cholesterol is one of the leading risk factors of many diseases. One of the optimum benefits that makes bowling beneficial is that it can lower both your cholesterol and blood pressure. 

Plus, bowling improves oxygen flow and helps your body increase bone density. These factors directly improve your health and immunity.  

8. Decreased Depression

While bowling doesn’t necessarily cure depression, it provides the player certain avenues that help fight against depression. Social interaction, constant support, and encouragement are known to elevate the mood and spirit. 

This also helps balance the emotions by releasing positive hormones like endorphins. 

It is known that depression can be more intense during the colder months. Since bowling is an indoor activity and many bowling alleys are open throughout the year, it is a reliable sport to count on. 

9. Improved Immunity 

This one goes without saying. Thanks to the fun socializing aspect and the release of endorphins, bowling uniquely offers you better physical strength and mental peace. 

Bowling also helps you become happier and more positive. Coupled with a well-rested body, a stress-free and happy mind helps build immunity.


Contrary to common belief, bowling is not just for senior citizens! In fact, it is the nation’s largest participation sport and can be enjoyed by all age groups.

For optimum health benefits, aim to bowl at least once a week. Some have found that joining bowling leagues helps them to experience all of the health benefits of bowling. 

If you are a beginner or looking to add some new workouts into your schedule, we recommend trying out bowling since it is a low-impact and highly enjoyable sport. 

Studies show that people who have stronger and happier relationships with their friends and family tend to be healthier. Bowling helps you to build these relationships through teamwork.

In terms of tournaments, there are a lot of open bowling leagues out there. Some are non-serious, friendly games while others are more professional.