How Much Does It Cost to Join a Bowling League?

Joining a bowling league is arguably the best possible way to enjoy the sport. Whether you are looking for some serious bowlers to play with or just want to have some fun socializing with people who have the same interests, there are leagues out there for everyone! 

It doesn’t matter whether you are a beginner, experienced, or an expert; there are surely leagues in your neighborhood to choose from and join.

Bowling league members become a support system for each other not only during bowling games but also on a personal level as well. The teamwork, coordination, laughs, and frustrations throughout the games help people understand everyone’s personality leading to a cherishing bond.  

Once you find the league that you are looking for, be it through their advertisements or word of mouth, the first thing you might want to understand is their pricing. 

It is also a good idea to talk to the bowling alleys in your city to understand which leagues have open slots. Always ask questions about what each league has to offer before filling out registration forms. 

Bowling League Membership Pricing

While most traditional leagues run for about 36 weeks, some leagues go for as short as 12 weeks too! 

For any of these leagues, membership is charged weekly. Typically, it’d cost a player around $10-$20 per week. 

While half of the payment goes for the bowling itself, the remaining is used for team T-shirts, logo designing, other accessories, and even for the final prize amount. 

The higher the membership cost, the bigger the pot money. A $10/week league may not offer you the same kind of weekly/final prizes that a $20/week might.  

Sometimes, the league fee also qualifies you to US Bowling Congress (USBC) membership which is less than $20/year. That is a nice perk if you are looking to become a pro bowler.

Likewise, certain bowling leagues demand that you already have a membership of USBC or Women’s International Bowling Congress to be eligible to join that league. You need to check with your league for more details while registering. 

Some bowling leagues also include a fee to buy bowling balls for the team members. Bowling ball pricing starts at around $45 and the range goes up as the quality of the ball increases. 

While some leagues insist on buying customized balls for their team, some are flexible and leave the option open to the members. 

Depending on the night of bowling and the season, the pricing may change for that respective week. Pricing may also differ based on the competition levels of a league. 

Team members usually sponsor snacks and beverages during gameplay. So, I strongly recommend that you carry some extra cash with you every bowling night. 

If you are looking for a league to join along with your spouse/partner, there are leagues dedicated to couples. Members of a league can be co-workers, neighbors, family, friends, or just a random group of people. 

Usually, a league can be formed with at least 4 members in it. 

Final Note

Frequent bowling increases physical stamina, thereby improving one’s potential to perform better in other sports as well. So, I strongly recommend that you invest time, effort, and money in this sport. 

If a league’s pricing beyond your budget, it is advisable that you talk to the alley management or look for some other nearby alleys.  

Considering the social life and connection that bowling has to offer, and the tremendous health benefits that come with it, it is worth putting your money in a bowling league. 

Keep an eye out for any fliers on your workplace noticeboards and you might find the bowling league perfect for you!