Best Bowling Shoes of 2024

Whether you are a casual bowler who bowls often or a professional one who plays in bowling leagues, I am sure you are considering owning a pair of bowling shoes. 

Getting your own pair of bowling shoes will not only save you some rental fee but will also take your game to the next level by giving you that extra support and comfort that you can confidently rely on. 

The rental pair of shoes may be a good choice if you are still figuring out whether bowling is your thing. But now that you know the answer to that is yes, I have some good news for you! 

Lots of brands manufacture bowling shoes keeping your specific needs in mind, so you will have plenty of options to choose from. There are also lots of bowling accessories to help keep shoes in perfect shape, including bowling shoe covers and cleaning supplies.

If you are looking for the best of the best, look no further. After a lot of research, I have come up with a list of some of the best bowling shoes available in the market right now. 


At A Glance: Our Top Picks for Best Bowling Shoes

If you’re in a hurry, you can jump straight into our top picks (these are the bowling shoes that most people buy).

  • Dexter Turbo II Wide Width Bowling Unisex Shoes Top Pick
  • Brunswick Karma Bowling Shoes for Women Runner-up
  • KR Strikeforce Men’s Flyer Bowling Shoes Runner-up

Top 5 Best Bowling Shoes – Our Reviews:

1. Dexter Turbo II Wide Width Bowling Unisex Shoes

The man-made smooth and soft leather on Turbo II Wide Width Bowling Shoes by Dexter makes it a leader among all bowling shoes out there. The design specifically enhances the durability and comfort that these shoes offer. 

Turbo II comes with a classic rubber outsole and raised heel, but that’s not it. The comfort level is much improved, thanks to the microfiber S8 slide soles. 

These are classic black color shoes with white fabric-lined inner soles that leave your feet cool even through long league matches. 


  • Great comfort 
  • Highly durable
  • Provides great traction to stop the slide
  • Perfect for longer league/tournament games


  • Only suitable for men with wide feet
  • Typically run half a size smaller 
  • Slightly heavier 

2. Brunswick Karma Bowling Shoes for Women

While these shoes may not exactly look like bowling shoes, they offer everything that a female bowling player needs. 

Brunswick built Karma shoes with microfiber slide soles and performance mesh uppers. These offer great control while the rubber outsoles provide safety and security. 

Lightweight denim makes these shoes breathable and keeps the player’s feet cool and dry. Offering excellent performance, these shoes are value for money. 


  • Can be worn for casual purposes also
  • Great slide support 
  • Comfortable and convenient 
  • Good cushioning for feet 
  • Can be converted from lace-up to slip-on 


  • Stiffer soles
  • Rubber heel could have been better 
  • Typically runs in small sizes 

3. KR Strikeforce Men’s Flyer Bowling Shoes

Providing solid performance, the KR Strikeforce Bowling Shoes are great for beginners. 

The sturdy synthetic upper offers a great deal of comfort and makes these shoes highly durable. They keep your feet away from any pain or discomfort throughout any long tournaments. 

Its soft textile lining also prevents any moisture so your feet remain dry. 

The Flex Side Technology on KR Strikeforce makes the sliding experience much better, while the padded collar and tongue provide the right amount of cushioning to the feet. 

Since they do not leave any marks, these shoes are also popular with bowling alley management. 


  • Long-lasting comfort
  • Simple and stylish design 
  • Lightweight and durable 
  • Easy on the pocket 
  • Leaves no mark on the lanes 


  • Stiffer soles
  • Stickier heels 

4. Storm Istas Bowling Shoes

Istas from Storm comes with a bright and bold geometric pattern that stands out. The lightweight fabric leaves the feet breathable and sweat-free, and slide movements also become swifter and easier, thanks to the shoes’ Black Ice and S8 Microfiber Slide soles. 

Istas are very flexible, versatile, and can also be used as a casual pair of sneakers outside the game. The cushioning offers decent shock absorption and the soft interiors keep your feet very comfortable and dry. 

The best part is that the footbeds are removable and can be replaced. Their non-marking rubber soles also provide excellent flexibility. 

The Istas Bowling Shoes are a great pick for a beginner. 


  • Very comfortable
  • Bright and stylish design 
  • True to size
  • Lightweight and feet friendly  
  • Good shock absorption 


  • Not great for tournaments 
  • Takes a while to break in 

5. Pyramid Men’s Ram Black Bowling Shoes

These traditional, classic-looking shoes may look similar to those in the bowling alleys, but don’t be fooled. The Ram Bowling Shoes come with easier break-in rubber soles which are highly versatile. 

Forget about spending weeks and several games just to break them in—these Pyramid shoes are ready to be worn straight out of the box. 

These shoes are great for most bowlers because of their universal soles. They can also endure high levels of wear and tear.

Plus, the lacing of these shoes provides a secure fit and helps ensure an overall great performance. 


  • Very high durability
  • Suitable for both left and right-handed bowlers 
  • Easy break-in soles 
  • Reliable performance 
  • Pocket-friendly 
  • Wide range of availability in sizes 


  • Similar design as rental shoes 
  • Sliding movements could be better 


While the rented shoes do get the job done, there is no denying the possibility of bacterial infection and discomfort from these shoes since they are worn by anyone and everyone. Even if you bowl only five times a year, it is still totally worth buying a new pair all for yourself even just for sanitary reasons. 

Since bowling shoes do not come cheap, it is equally important to clean your shoes regularly to keep them in top condition.

If you are someone with wider feet, I strongly recommend Dexter Turbo II Wide Width shoes. If you are looking to make a feminine style statement and score points at the same time, Storm Istas shoes are made just for you. 

For a durable, pocket-friendly option, try KR Strikeforce Men’s Flyer Bowling Shoes, but if you need more versatility, Pyramid’s Men’s Ram Black is great. 

For women who want to own shoes that are great for holidays and bowling, Brunswick’s Karma is perfect. 

Whichever is your pick, make sure that the shoes fit!