Why Do You Have to Wear Bowling Shoes

Bowling is a lot of fun and like any other sport it requires certain accessories and gear. If you want to be the star of the bowling lanes, you will need to wear shoes that are specifically designed for bowling. 

You don’t want to use the same shoes you wear on the street. However, it may make more sense to rent shoes if you are a casual bowler. 

If you don’t have your own bowling shoes, you can rent shoes from most bowling alleys or you may need to borrow a pair from other bowlers. 

But if you are ready to commit, here are some reasons why you should rather wear performance shoes to your next bowling game.


4 Reasons Why Do You Have to Wear Bowling Shoes

Better Slide

You may notice that bowlers slide across the floor slightly as they throw the ball down the lane. The flooring on either side of the foul line can be very slippery and while you want some sort of traction, a slick sole will allow you to glide across the floor more easily for a smoother motion while throwing the ball. 

Regular shoes, or even athletic shoes, don’t have a sliding sole and, therefore, can’t provide the same traction as slick shoes. Wearing bowling shoes will prevent you from sticking to the floor and allow you to have a better range of motion in your legs and bowling hand. 

Better Release

Different alleys use different methods, and some bowling alleys add a special treatment to their floors to make them more slippery. While this can lead to a fun experience, it can also make it a little more challenging. 

Even an expert bowler will have a hard time if he/she doesn’t have the right pair of bowling shoes. While it’s fine to wear street shoes at the bowling alley, it’s best to wear bowling shoes on the lane floor. 

You will find that bowling shoes allow you to have better form and a better release. Because you will glide and move better, you can keep your arms straighter and focus on the release of the ball. 

Also, releasing the bowling ball at the right time will allow you to aim more accurately.

Street shoes usually offer more traction, which means you could get stuck on the floor and may even trip or not release the ball at the right time. Performance bowling shoes are designed to help you become a better bowler. 

Whether you are buying bowling shoes for the first time, already own bowling shoes, or are using rental shoes, wearing bowling shoes is always better than wearing street shoes on the lanes.

Improved Performance

If you want to improve at bowling, you will need to have the right shoes. While renting shoes from the bowling alley is a great option, if you buy your own shoes, it will make a huge difference to your game. 

It will allow you to get used to the feel of the shoes and how they slide or glide on the floor. You can learn when to put pressure on one shoe or the foot opposite of your lead foot while bowling so you can shift your weight properly. 

Be aware that when you wear your first pair of bowling shoes, it will take some time to get used to how the shoes feel. The more you wear them the more you will get used to them. 

Over time, you will become less focused on how the shoes feel on different types of alleys and can focus on the game and your overall performance. 

Avoid Injuries

Bowling is not a dangerous sport, but if you don’t have the proper shoes, you could get injured. If it’s too slippery, or not slippery enough, you could trip and fall. 

You are also more likely to injure your back or hip while playing if your shoes don’t fit well or are not designed for bowling. 

A bowling shoe is designed to protect your feet. A bowling shoe can help make the bowling alley a safe place for you to improve and have a lot of competitive fun. 

Right- and left-handed bowlers can both benefit from having the right bowling shoes.


To save money, you might be tempted to use your regular shoes while bowling but it can actually cause a lot of issues. Not only will it make it more difficult to improve as a bowler, it could lead to an injury or accident.

If you’d like to invest in a quality set of shoes, you can order from an online bowling shoe store or go into a store to try them on. You may even be able to find bowling shoes with interchangeable soles that you can switch out for better comfort.

Whether you are ready to become a better bowler, or even if you are new to the sport and want to start off right, be sure to order the right bowling shoes.