Mongoose XR-PRO Men’s Mountain Bike Review

Purchasing a mountain bike is a big deal. After all, mountain bikes arenʼt exactly a cheap investment. 

Therefore, if you’re a serious mountain biker, it is of paramount importance to do a thorough mountain bike review before settling on one.

If you’re reading this, you’re probably a mountain bike enthusiast interested in the 29” Mongoose XR-Pro menʼs mountain bike.

The Mongoose is an affordable bike with a user-friendly braking system, SR SUNTOUR cranks, a lightweight aluminum frame, and not-great suspension.

In todayʼs text, we’ll take a long, hard look at this bike and figure out if it offers bang for your buck.

So, letʼs get started on this mountain bike review to determine if the Mongoose is a quality bike. 


Notable Features and Specs

First, letʼs talk about the features and specs of the Mongoose XR Pro men’s mountain bike.


The Mongoose XR Pro men’s Mountain Bike boasts an aluminum frame and is, therefore, not only durable but also extremely lightweight. Climbing uphill on this bike is a breeze. 

SR SUNTOUR Suspension Fork

The major role of a suspension fork in a bike is to offer comfort during bumpy rides. While the SR SUNTOUR suspension fork on the Mongoose XR Pro bicycle is of fairly decent quality, it doesnʼt absorb shocks and vibrations as well as it should on bumpy rides. 

I think the fault lies in its incorporation of a spring suspension. Apart from when you’re riding on bumpy roads, the dual suspension does a decent enough job of providing shock absorption on other terrains.  

SRAM SX4 Trigger Shifters

You won’t complain about the excellent gearing system on this bike as it comes equipped with 24 speeds. This means that you have the liberty to choose from various gearing options according to the demands of your bike ride based on the weather conditions, etc. without compromising on pace and riding performance. 

In other words, you’ll be able to travel at high speeds, irrespective of the terrain. I also like the fact that shifting from one gear to another on this bike is super easy. 

The gear-shifting response is also quite remarkable.

Large Wheels

The Mongoose XR Pro bike comes equipped with monstrous 29-inch wheels that donʼt only offer excellent performance but are also lightweight and sturdy. The 29-inch wheels facilitate a smoother, more comfortable ride because of their larger contact area. 

The wheels have alloy rims, which also contribute to smooth rides. Plus, the extra volume on the 29-inch tires serves as additional suspension. 

Why should you go for the 29” Mongoose XR Pro Menʼs Mountain Bike?

Here are a few good reasons why you should purchase this quality mountain bike.

Easy-to-engage braking system

The stopping power of the brakes on the Mongoose XR-Pro is quite phenomenal. If you need to come to an abrupt stop on your journey, you can expect the easy-to-engage front and rear disc brakes on the Mongoose to fully deliver, offering you great control of the bike. 

In short, even though you don’t get high-quality disc brakes on the Mongoose, you get well-performing, reliable brakes. 

Excellent frame makes the bike lightweight

The aluminum frame on the Mongoose is a thing of pure beauty. Putting its visual appeal aside, it is also lightweight and durable enough to handle abuse from both smooth surfaces and rough terrain. 

I can say with full confidence that the aluminum frame easily resists wear and can stand the test of time.

Affordable pricing

One of the biggest selling points of the Mongoose XR Pro men’s bike is its affordable pricing even though it offers almost all the features found on higher-end mountain bikes. As a result, it is not only economical, but it’s suitable for rides on different terrains too.

Minimal vibration

I did mention that the bike doesnʼt absorb shocks and vibrations as well as it should due to having a spring suspension. However, the fact that the bike comes with 29” inch tires, and its overall construction, offsets the flaws in the suspension.

Why you shouldnʼt go for the 29” Mongoose XR-Pro Menʼs Mountain Bike?

Of course, like all road bikes on the market, the 29” Mongoose XR-Pro menʼs mountain bike isnʼt perfect either. This budget-friendly mountain bike does come with its fair share of flaws, largely because of the need to minimize manufacturing costs.

Disc brakes have durability issues

Though the disc brakes on the Mongoose XR Pro men’s mountain bike have excellent stopping power, they don’t offer durable performance. You’ll most likely be disappointed with the flimsy construction of the brakes. 

Itʼs rather unfortunate that the brakes on the Mongoose wear out quite easily compared to other parts.  

Tires deteriorate quickly

You canʼt really expect high-quality tires on a bike that is available at such an affordable price point. However, it is still disappointing, nonetheless. 

To make the tires on the Mongoose last longer, you’re better off riding in bike parks, on plain surfaces, and in muddy areas instead of on dry and rough surfaces.  

Low-quality rear suspension

It also breaks my heart to talk about the rear suspension of the Mongoose XR Pro. Constructed of only spring, it canʼt be considered durable by any stretch of the imagination. 

The spring suspension is highly susceptible to wear and isnʼt the best at absorbing shocks and vibrations. Hence, riders often experience discomfort when they ride on rough surfaces.

Who will benefit the most from purchasing this bike?

This bike is suitable for riders who are on a budget. The Mongoose XR Pro mountain bike offers pretty high-quality components for the price point it comes at. 

And, since it comes equipped with 29” wheels, it is ideal for taller and heavier riders. To be precise, this bike fits riders up to 6’2” in height (the frame size measures 17.5”).

Considering the features, benefits, and cons of the 29” Mongoose XR-Pro Menʼs Mountain Bike, I would say that the bike is more suitable for intermediate riders and the beginner mountain bike enthusiast.

If youʼre a seasoned rider, I’d advise you save a little more and instead opt for a more professional bike, versatile enough to offer a smooth, comfortable ride and maximum comfort on all types of terrain (including on cross-country trails and off-road adventures).   

Final Words

To be perfectly honest, I canʼt really complain about the Mongoose XR Pro mountain bike too much because of its affordable price point. I can say, without hesitation, that the Mongoose easily beats all the other similarly priced bikes on the market today. 

The XR Pro men’s mountain bike has many quality features, including its light weight and solid frame, quality wheels, easy-to-handle wide handlebars, a good SR SUNTOUR crank, a good gearing system, excellent disc brakes, and decent suspension.