Trek 3500 Mountain Bike Review

The Trek 3500 mountain bike is a great bike that makes a perfect entry-level mountain bike for trail riding, steep climbs, and general riding. This mountain bike is the perfect bike for riders of all levels. 

It features a sturdy frame, knobby tires, a Shimano chainset, and a wishbone seatstay. These aren’t the only features that make this one of the best mountain bikes on the market, there’s plenty more to see and enjoy on this great bike. 

This review will help you get a better idea of what to expect from the Trek 3500 mountain bike.



Mountain bikers depend on their bike frames to be strong yet flexible and capable of dominating any type of terrain. This bike definitely does not disappoint in that department. 

The frame of these bikes is a lot sturdier than other bikes. It is also lightweight, which makes it great for going on local trails. 

The slimmed down head tube helps keep it light and improve handling and control. The high roll stem also helps make the setup of this bike more comfortable and helps improve the stability.

The welded-on brace of the bike adds a level of safety and improved handling. The high center also makes the bike easier to balance and the top tube is located lower on the bike for a comfortable ride. 

The Trek 3500 frame is suitable for riding on hard surfaces and is held together with an all-steel main triangle that balances the bike with an established frame and keeps the weight distributed evenly during your mountain trek. 

You might expect the steel frame to be heavy and hard to control, but that’s not the case with the Trek 3500. You can still maintain full control and easily lift, carry, and store your bike.


If you want a bike that handles the trails perfectly, the Trek 3500 is ideal. Whether you are trying to find the perfect angle for an uphill climb or want to pedal through a big drop on the trail, you want to know that your bike will stick to the path and be easy to control on all types of terrain.

Riding on an adult bike means you need to use your weight with the movement of the bike to help keep traction. 

Mountain biking is all about mastering the trails and the Trek 3500 was built for such a challenge. Whether riding on harder surfaces or more softer types of terrain, it handles it all without missing a beat and helps riders stay safe and in control.


The suspension of the Trek 3500 mountain bike is very impressive. The suspension fork of the Trek 3500 creates a super smooth ride so you are less likely to feel the bumps and twists in the local trails as you ride them. 

If you are someone who prefers a simple and clean ride, this is a good bike for you. The coil spring is something you can expect to find on most mountain bikes and is one of the reliable components that let you know you are getting a good quality bike even at a great price. 

If you enjoy a light singletrack ride and need to have complete balance and road coverage, this road bike is one to consider.

Wheels and Tires

This is a great bike with a superior wheel and tire set. You can expect to find Bontrager wheels that really up the performance of the bike.  

The tread pattern is unique, and the shallow tread allows the bike to grab the ground or terrain more easily for nimble handling even for entry-level riders. This treat also makes it easy to maintain proper tire pressure while you ride. 

The Bontrager-approved wheels spin freely and the rear derailleur makes it easy to keep them going while you shift gears. The bigger sprockets are perfect for the attractive SR SUNTOUR unit and unique fork and add an element of style to the functionality of the bike.


It’s all about consistency and easy acceleration when it comes to the Trek 3500 pedals. Whether spinning through lower gears or higher ones, these pedals will allow you to get there smoothly. 

The semi-cartridge bearings allow the pedals to move flawlessly without catching, and there are multi foot drops so you can adjust the pedals to fit you better and make riding more comfortable. Slip on a pair of Bontrager SSR shoes and pair them with the Trek pedals—Wellgo nylon platform pedals—and you are ready for some serious biking. 


While it can seem like mountain biking is all about speed and movement, there’s going to be times when you need to stop and stop fast. In these situations, you will appreciate the disc brakes that help the mountain bike stop super efficiently. 

These brakes are much nicer than the outdated rim brakes still found on other mountain bikes. The brake pads are smooth and allow the bike to stop without a lot of jolting and bumping. 

All the cables of the brakes are tucked up tightly around the frame and bar roll to ensure they are out of the way. There’s no need to worry about feeling them brush against your hands or feet while riding the bike.


Mountain biking is all about fun and the Trek 3500 has a variety of accessories that fit it well. You can easily attach a variety of bottle bosses to the main bar or the fork of the frame too so you stay hydrated while out on the trails. 

There are a few other details that make this bike stand out on the trails. 

The candy-colored paint finish is noticeable and vibrant, and the unique tire tread stands out when the bike is moving and parked. But the rear derailleur Shimano gear is the real star of the show that sets the Trek 3500 apart.

Whether you are new to mountain biking or an experienced rider looking for a bike that has it all, be sure to go for a test ride on the Trek 3500. It’s a good bike for riders of all levels and it has amazing features that allow it to glide down the trails at top speed. 

There are a lot of great bikes on the market, and it can be tough to choose the right one. The Trek 3500 is a well-rounded option that should be at the top of your list when shopping for your next mountain bike.