Best Bowling Balls for Slow Speed of 2024

We are blessed to live in a world where technologically enhanced bowling balls can compensate for our lack of bowling skills. Even slower bowlers can compete in the lower leagues as long as they perfect their techniques and get their hands on the right ball.  

It is pretty obvious that a slower ball has several limitations including lower pin carry and pin impact. However, there are advantages to throwing a slower ball. 

Throwing a slower ball requires less effort, making it less taxing on the body. You may also even need to throw a slower ball to knock down a spare pin at the right place.  

Fortunately, as I mentioned earlier, modern bowling balls do a lot of the leg work in today’s game. There are bowling balls that can produce noteworthy backend reactions and pin carry action despite being thrown at a slower speed. 

Without beating around the bush any further, here are some of the best bowling balls for slow speed. Choose one that appeals to you! 


At A Glance: Our Top Picks for Best Bowling Balls for Slow Speed

If you’re in a hurry, you can jump straight into our top picks (these are the bowling balls for slow speed that most people buy).

  • Storm Hy-Road Bowling Ball Top Pick
  • Hammer Black Widow Bowling Ball Runner-up
  • Storm !Q Tour Emerald Bowling Ball Runner-up

Top 5 Best Bowling Balls for Slow Speed – Our Reviews: 

1. Storm Hy-Road Bowling Ball

Constructed of a praiseworthy hybrid coverstock, the Storm Hy-Road provides pinpoint control to a bowler like no other bowling ball. It can hook well and generate plenty of power for an impressive pin carry action. 

However, its strongest suit has to be its ability to read the midlane, providing an impressive breakpoint reaction regardless of the speed it is thrown at. 

If you aren’t a big fan of the way the Storm Hy-Road reacts to certain lane conditions, you can always sand the coverstock with grit and make your adjustments. 


  • Excellent breakpoint reaction
  • Performs well in almost all lane conditions
  • Exemplary pin impact even when thrown at a slower speed


  • Not suitable for dry lanes
  • Hook potential isn’t great

2. Hammer Black Widow Bowling Ball

If you are looking for a ball that can be aggressive despite being thrown at limited speeds, look no further than the Hammer Black Widow. 

Boasting an asymmetrical core, the Hammer Black Widow has an outstanding backend reaction and does an exceptional job of providing an angular hooked entry to the pocket. This feature is especially helpful for those who can’t bowl at a high speed. 

In a nutshell, the Hammer Black Widow is a ball that can go long and hook well without any problems. 


  • Equally reactive in both oily and dry lane conditions
  • Various weight options to choose from
  • Aggressive coverstock
  • Outstanding backend action


  • Leaves out corner pins too often for my liking
  • Can be too aggressive for amateurs

3. Storm IQ Tour Emerald Bowling Ball

The Storm IQ Tour Emerald is excellent at conserving energy and releasing it where it matters—at the backend. Slow bowlers will love how the ball travels down the lane with minimal effort.  

Featuring a symmetrical core, the Storm IQ Tour Emerald produces a balanced ball reaction and is, therefore, easy to control especially in the midlane.

Let’s not forget to mention the Storm IQ Tour Emerald’s R2S pearl reactive coverstock. It is durable beyond belief and helps the ball produce a more angular motion as it travels down the lane and comes into contact with friction. 


  • Preserves energy for explosive pin impact
  • Particularly impressive in medium oil lanes
  • Provides great control


  • Doesn’t have a great breakpoint reaction
  • Can start wearing down if used frequently

4. Columbia 300 Chaos Black Bowling Ball

With the Columbia 300 Chaos Black in your hands, you can take the bowling world by storm. 

Available in a variety of weight options, the Columbia 300 Chaos Black largely benefits from its factory finish polish. The polish gives it blinding shine and helps the ball clear out the front with minimum fuss. 

The ball excels at providing adequate lane length to slower bowlers and conserving energy for a greater pin impact. Boasting a hook potential worth envying, the Columbia 300 is a gorgeous ball that packs a punch.


  • Various weight options to choose from
  • Sturdy coverstock 
  • Maintains speed from release to the pin deck
  • Excellent in oily lane conditions


  • Too reactive for straight bowlers
  • Struggles in dry lanes
  • Rough downlane finish

5. Brunswick Rhino Bowling Ball

The Brunswick Rhino works exactly as advertised; it has fantastic pin carry action, offers a balanced ball reaction, and is extremely easy to control. Some even swear by its arcing hook potential. 

Slower bowlers can generate high revolutions on the Brunswick Rhino with terrifying ease. 

Featuring a light bulb shaped symmetrical core, the Brunswick Rhino hits hard upon impact. So, if you are looking for a ball that considerably increases your chances of landing a strike, go for the Brunswick Rhino. 

Bowlers of all styles and skill levels can have fun with this ball. Let’s also not forget to mention its sweet price point.  


  • Predictable movement
  • Good hooking potential 
  • Good pin impact and pin carry
  • Balanced ball reaction
  • Suitable for both straight and hook bowlers


  • Not the most aggressive ball around


Slower speed bowlers aren’t as disadvantaged as many would have you believe. 

Slow ball speed with a low rev rate isn’t the deciding factor for the success of your shot. As long as the ball selection and the delivery technique are correct, slower speed bowlers can rub shoulders with the best in the sport.

The balls in this list are all excellent choices in their own right. 

If you are looking for an affordable ball that provides the best bang-for-the-buck, go for the Brunswick Rhino. Experienced bowlers looking for an aggressive coverstock can opt for the Hammer Black Widow. 

Meanwhile, those who prefer balls with outstanding pin impact and pin carry can choose the Columbia 300 Chaos Black.