Best Urethane Bowling Balls of 2024

Bowling initially started as a recreational activity and stayed that way for numerous years. Fast forward to the present, it’s now a top sport played professionally by a large number of bowlers worldwide.

In a bid to add more dimensions to the game and make it more competitive, creators started developing bowling gears too. Unlike in the past where bowling balls were only constructed of wood and plastic, the newer models are made of different materials such as urethane and reactive resin.

Today, we’ll put the spotlight on urethane bowling balls.

Introduced to the game in the late 70s, urethane bowling balls have garnered millions of fans globally for their ability to provide greater friction, smooth arc, and hook potential.

Additionally, urethane balls are more durable than plastic balls and are easier to control. Many even wax lyrical about the outstanding balance offered by urethane bowling balls.

As a result, urethane bowling balls are usually the go-to balls for tough dry lane conditions. They provide a means for bowlers to conquer and enjoy dry lanes.

As you shop for urethane bowling balls, you’ll quickly come to realize that such a task isn’t for newbies. As the market is saturated with numerous options with each claiming to be better than the next, taking a pick from the bunch can be a challenge.

Fortunately, I’m here to guide you in the right direction.

With this list of top urethane bowling balls, you won’t have to conduct your own research. These urethane bowling balls have only been shortlisted after countless hours of trials and experiments.


At A Glance: Our Top Picks for Best Urethane Bowling Balls

If you’re in a hurry, you can jump straight into our top picks (these are the urethane bowling balls that most people buy).

  • Hammer Purple Pearl Urethane Bowling Ball Top Pick
  • Storm Pitch Black Bowling Ball Runner-up
  • Hammer Black Widow Urethane Bowling Ball Runner-up

Top 6 Best Urethane Bowling Balls 2024 — Our Reviews:    

1. Hammer Purple Pearl Urethane Bowling Ball

There are numerous reasons many experts place the Hammer Purple Pearl at the top of their favorite bowling balls.

This ball doesn’t only offer outstanding control but also provides fantastic back-end action consistently, thanks to its urethane cover stock. Additionally, the ball has also been designed to catch the eye with its attractive purple pearl color layout.

Boasting a LED core and a scratch-resistant, thick-shelled coverstock with an Abralon finish, you can fully expect the Hammer Purple Pearl to maintain its structural integrity even after hours of use and abuse—such is its durability. The finish grit of 500/1000/2000 Abralon allows you to tweak the ball to suit any lane surface and lane condition, making the Purple Pearl an extremely versatile ball option.

Also, with an RG/differential of 2.65/0.015, the Hammer Purple Pearl Urethane Bowling Ball performs best on medium to light oil lane conditions.

It can also be an inspired choice for hooker bowlers. Capable of creating cool curves with equally fabulous hooks, the Purple Pearl provides unmatched control over short oil lanes.

Unfortunately, since the control-solid urethane bowling ball boasts an aggressive back-end action, it isn’t exactly newcomer-friendly.

However, this urethane pearl coverstock bowling ball will work like a charm for those who’ve already spent hours on the bowling alley.


  • Symmetrical LED core
  • Best for medium to light oil pattern
  • Perfect choice for hook bowlers
  • Outstanding control and back-end action
  • Durable, scratch-resistant urethane pearl cover stock


  • Not the best option for novice bowlers due to its aggressive back-end reaction
  • Not suitable for use on dry lanes

2. Storm Pitch Black Bowling Ball

On the hunt for a urethane bowling ball that can perform exceptionally well even on dry lane condition? If so, go for the Storm Pitch Black Bowling Ball with your eyes closed.

With this high-performance urethane bowling ball in your bowling arsenal, you won’t have to suffer the consequences of unpredictable ball movement. Boosted by the presence of a remarkable capacitor core for its weight block, the Storm Pitch Black urethane bowling ball can offer controlled mid-lane roll and motion, reducing your chances of throwing erratic shots as a result of unsteady movement.

It also helps that the ball has a factory finish of 1000 grit for the convenience of beginners and mid-performers.

I would also like to wax lyrical about the porous nature of the coverstock. Such a feature on the ball allows the Storm Pitch Black to absorb oil, thus facilitating a progressive reactive result.

It should also pique your interest to know that the Storm Pitch Black urethane bowling ball has an RG/differential of 2.57/ 0.022. The 2.57” of RG tells us that the ball mass is skewed more towards the center, making it a highly versatile ball.


  • Easy to operate as it offers outstanding control
  • One of the best choices for beginner bowlers
  • Ideal for hook shots
  • Coverstock urethane makes the high-performance ball durable beyond belief
  • Though ideal for dry lane condition, it can perform admirably on other lanes too
  • Remarkable capacitor core offers predictable ball motion


3. Hammer Black Widow Urethane Bowling Ball

There are many things about the Hammer Black Widow that appeal to me.

First of all, I like the fact that this urethane bowling ball features a carbon-fiber core, which ensures that the urethane ball remains in pristine condition even after repeated use. 

Plus, with a finish grit of 360/500/500 Abralon, this ball offers more friction than your standard urethane bowling ball and thus, hooks earlier too. As it offers such a reaction, the Hammer Black Urethane Bowling Ball is ideal for those who have a high forward speed and lower rev rate.

I would also like to speak about the gas mask core of the Hammer Black urethane bowling ball.

The asymmetric weighted core design ensures that the ball only offers stable curves during crucial moments in the game. Not once will you feel that the movement of the ball is uncontrollable.

Before I draw the curtains on this ball, let me tell you that the Hammer Black Widow has an RG/differential of 2.50/ 0.058.

All in all, I think the Hammer Black Widow is well worth its weight in gold. 


  • Great choice for straighter bowlers who love throwing powerful shots
  • Offers fantastic flare on the lane
  • For the bowler who prefers stable, controlled curves in different lane conditions
  • Gas mask core ensures that the ball only offers stable curves during crucial moments


  • May not perform well on dry lanes as the ball has a strong mid-lane reaction
  • The ball’s hook potential and aggressive back-end reaction may be too overbearing for newcomers to the sport

4. Storm Mix Urethane Bowling Ball

The Storm Mix Urethane bowling ball is an entry-level ball that does two things extremely well: knock down spares and operate as a strike ball on dry lanes. Also, with a cover stock of U1S pearl urethane, core that’s a traditional 3-piece kind, and urethane filling materials, you can fully expect the urethane Storm Mix to roll smooth and even, and last longer than your interest in bowling.

What makes the Storm Mix bowling ball an excellent one for beginners? Well, it’s simple to use, easy to control, and offers straight, predictable action.

At the same time, expert bowlers can also use it as a viable spare ball.

Not lacking in colors or aesthetic appeal, I must also mention that this ia a finish 3500 grit polished ball, which makes it hook sooner than anticipated on dry lanes.

Regrettably, the bowling ball’s smooth surface makes it damn near impossible to control on oily lanes.

Originally offered undrilled, the undrilled Storm Mix bowling ball has an RG/ differential of 2.69/0.006. This spec tells us that the mass of the ball is concentrated more towards the cover than the center.


  • Core Traditional 3-piece
  • The Storm Mix bowling balls are durable beyond belief
  • Offers straight, controlled, predictable motion, making the bowling ball a fantastic choice for a spare ball and for a strike ball on dry lanes
  • For the bowler who enjoys smooth and even ball rolling motion
  • One of the best urethane bowling balls for a beginner


  • Too smooth for heavy oil conditions
  • The Storm Mix bowling balls don’t offer much in terms of back-end reaction and pin-carry action

5. Roto-Grip Hot Cell

What sets the Roto-Grip Hot Cell apart from its competitors in the bowling world?

For starters, it has a nucleus core inside a radioactive solid urethane coverstock. This fantastic blend enables the ball to generate remarkable hitting power while ensuring its rotation motion isn’t compromised.

I must also add that the Roto-Grip urethane ball has a good hook potential. Despite only offered as an undrilled product, no amount of drilling can alter the basic characteristic of the Roto-Grip; now, that’s a major plus point in my book!

Other specifications of the ball, you ask? The Roto-Grip urethane ball has a 2000 grit factory finish, making it ideal for medium oil conditions and dry lanes.

Moreover, with an RG of 2.52, you can expect the ball to have most of its mass concentrated towards the center.

Unfortunately, the makers of this urethane ball have only paid attention to the performance of the ball and not to its design.

Still, for those looking for a hard-hitting urethane bowling ball, no ball serves better than the Roto-Grip Hot Cell!


  • Offers a good lane length for an asymmetrical core
  • Best urethane bowling ball for medium oily lanes and dry lanes
  • Finish: 2000 grit
  • Offers good hook potential
  • Outstanding durability
  • Generates outstanding hitting power
  • Features a nucleus core inside a radioactive solid urethane cover stock


  • Too steeply priced for my liking
  • Beginners may find the bowling ball too challenging and aggressive to use

6. Storm Fever Pitch

Advertised as an upgrade to the Storm Pitch bowling balls, the Storm Fever Pitch, as expected, brings plenty to the table. It comes equipped with an aggressive coverstock and is thus capable of creating an angular, violent pin impact.

Additionally, the PWR+ CTRL pearl urethane coverstock on the Fever Pitch has also been designed to offer outstanding hook potential in light oil lanes and phenomenal straight-line power on other lane conditions. In addition to being highly reactive, I also like the fact that the cover stock has been constructed to stand the test of time.

To offset its super aggressive nature, the makers have ensured the ball maintains a high predictable motion and covers longer lane length with its tour block symmetric core. Plus, with an RG/differential of 2.61/0.030 and 2000 grit Abralon factory finish, expect the Storm Fever Pitch to perform optimally on light to medium oily lane conditions.

All in all, I believe that the Storm Fever Pitch is a fantastic mid-performance ball that’ll have the critics/naysayers of urethane bowling balls eating their words. So, go for this ball without any hesitation.


  • This mid-performance ball offers fantastic back-end reaction
  • Offers an angular, violent pin impact
  • Offers fantastic predictability and lane length
  • PWR+ CTRL pearl urethane coverstock offers outstanding hook potential in light oil lanes and phenomenal straight-line power on other lane conditions


  • Not the best urethane bowling ball for heavy oil lanes
  • Beginners may not be able to utilize this ball to its max potential

Things to Consider When Purchasing Urethane Bowling Balls


It helps that bowling balls are made available according to the age of the bowler.

Balls usually come in diameter sizes between 8.5 to 8.595”. Select one that is recommended for your age, comfort, and skill level.

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No one wants to spend a pretty penny on a product that hasn’t been built to last a long time. To be on the safe side, always go for urethane balls of reputed brands. 


The general rule of thumb implies that you shouldn’t go for a ball that causes fatigue to your hands. Ideally speaking, the ball must be comfortable and easy to handle.

The weight of bowling balls commonly ranges from 6 pounds to 16 pounds. An adult male can get by with a 14 to 16-pound ball while an adult female usually prefers balls that weigh between 10 to 14 pounds.

Meanwhile, children shouldn’t go for balls heavier than 10 pounds. As for beginners, they should always work their way up from lighter balls.

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Cover Stock Material

Bowling balls are available in three different coverstocks: plastic balls, reactive resin balls, and urethane balls. Since we’re focused on urethane cover stocks at the moment, we won’t discuss the other types.

Urethane cover stocks also vary from one another; while some are highly reactive and aggressive, others may not match up. So, even when selecting urethane coverstock balls, you need to find a cover stock that complements your bowling style and skill level.

Additionally, you should also focus on the grit finish of the control solid urethane cover stock. Balls with a grit value of 500 to 1000 grit are appropriate for heavy oil lanes while those with a grit value of 4000 to 5000 are better suited for dry lanes.

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Urethane Core Type

Urethane bowling balls also differ in terms of the core type, with some boasting a symmetric core or an asymmetrical core and others having pancake cores.

Balls with a pancake core design are the best option for beginners as they offer unmatched balance and stability. Such balls don’t have much hook potential and are almost always rolling straight.

Balls with a symmetrical core, though not as stable as balls with pancake cores, have more hook potential and offer curve as well.

Lastly, we have bowling balls with asymmetrical cores. Compared to the previous two ball types, asymmetrical core type balls are quite randomly shaped and thus offer humongous bites and curve.

These cores are only suitable for experts.


I hope you’re now better positioned to make an informed “urethane bowling ball” purchase. While some with urethane cover stock will work great as a strike ball or spare ball, you can go for any of the shortlisted bowling balls I’ve presented you with as they’re all excellent choices in their own right.

Before we part ways, I would like to reveal my favorite pick from the bunch or urethane balls. My choice is the Hammer Purple Pearl Urethane Ball.

Versatile beyond belief and equally stunning to look at, the Purple Pearl offers outstanding flexibility as it can be tuned up or down to suit the lane requirement.

I’m also a big fan of the outstanding control and back-end action offered by the bowling ball. Also, the fact that the ball comes equipped with a durable, scratch-resistant coverstock only adds to its charm.

With a weight of 15 pounds, the ball isn’t taxing to play around with either. What more could you ask for from a urethane bowling ball with a pearl urethane core?