How to Increase Bowling Ball Speed

An increase in bowling ball speed ultimately results in more pin action which, in turn, can help you get more strikes in the bowling alley.

However, do understand that adjusting ball speed for more power means more difficulty in controlling the ball. You can end up making erratic shots if you throw faster without proper form adjustments.

Also, not every bowler will have the same ball speed. So, it’d be better if you focus on manipulating the ball on command instead of solely concentrating on ball speed adjustments or speed control. 


How to Increase Bowling Ball Speed – 4 Bowling Tips to Try!

1. Be quick in your approach

A quick-fire way to increase ball speed is speeding up your approach

Many focus on their arm swing when trying to increase ball speed, swinging as hard as they possibly can. A bowler who attempts to throw harder often ends up with undesirable results. 

A more efficient method would be to use your legs during the approach. When you speed up on your bowling approach, you can gain momentum from the running and get more power during release. 

To do this, go further back from your starting point. Mind your foot tempo and increase your pace when you get the ball into the swing. 

The objective is to get your feet to advance swiftly as soon as your motion transitions into a bowling swing. The quicker your body moves, the more ball speed you generate. 

2. Relax your arms and legs

You can be certain of a slower-paced swing if your muscles are tight.

If your arms and legs are loose and relaxed, they’ll be able to shift more power to your release, thus helping you in adjusting ball speed. Your objective must be to develop a loose, natural arm swing. 

3. Keep the ball high up

Rookies believe that they can increase speed if they go further back on their backswing. 

However, doing so jeopardizes accuracy.

Instead, keep the ball up high in your starting position. As you proceed towards your backswing and to the foul line, there’s an increased distance in your bowling swing arc because of the higher starting position, helping you generate more power in your shots without forgoing accuracy. 

4. Train

A sure-shot way of generating more power is by using a heavier ball. The heavier the ball, the more power you will be able to unleash, and only a physically strong person can use heavier balls. 

So, start working out in the gym. Besides, a full-body workout can only be beneficial for your health and well-being.

Plus, you burn calories when bowling. Add some gym sessions to your usual bowling games, and you’re sure to get more toned and stronger in no time.


You’d have to invest some time in practice to increase your bowling speed and enhance your rev rate. 

During bowling practice sessions, try to identify how powerful you can release your shots without compromising your balance. 

Focus on perfecting those shots. In due time, you’ll be able to manipulate ball speed to your benefit and maybe perform some bowling tricks of your own. 

Remember that an improper arm swing form, a poor ball fit, and physical weakness can all result in decreased ball speed. 

Also, faster shots don’t always mean better shots. You might want to measure your ball speed, look it up in a bowling ball speed chart, and try to hit the ideal speed for better pin-carry action.

If you’re serious about improving quickly, read up on top bowling tips and consider consulting with an expert. Valuable instructions and training under their watchful eyes will go a long way in helping you rectify your flaws.