How Long Does It Take to Bowl a Game?

Not everyone is aware of the fact that bowling is one of the oldest sports in the world, dating back to 4,000 years ago. Fast forward to the present, bowling has become both a recreational and professional sport loved by people from all over the world. 

It is a low-impact and easy game to learn, so both children and the elderly often join in on the fun. Many children celebrate their birthdays in the bowling arena and there are even bowling sets specially made for kids so they can enjoy the sport in the comfort and safety of their homes. 

Bowling centers truly go above and beyond to ensure visitors have a wonderful time, with most of them having a snack bar and an arcade zone. 

Bowlers need not even carry their personal bowling balls, shoes, or covers⁠—everything is readily available. Some bowling centers even have specialty lanes for the blind and disabled. 

Everyone seems to have time to go bowling. However, if you are someone who lives by proper time management, you’d want to know how long it takes to bowl a game, wouldn’t you? 

After all, accurate information can help you schedule your day more efficiently.  

How long does it take to bowl a game?

According to reliable statistics, an individual, on an average, usually takes around 10 minutes to complete a bowling game. Of course, you’d finish a lot sooner if you bowl a perfect game

Use 10 minutes as a benchmark and compute the total time according to your group members. For instance, a group of 4-5 people will usually take 40-50 minutes for a single game. 

In most cases, a lane can fit up to 6 people at a time. 

Should you rent the lane by the hour or pay per game? 

Generally speaking, there is no obvious answer to this question. It all depends on the circumstances. 

A bowler who wants to practice on his own will benefit from renting by the hour. Similarly, a small group of bowlers (2 or 3 players) can also cram in a couple of games in an hour. 

Meanwhile, a larger group of 6 people might not be able to finish a game if they pay for only an hour. Bowlers who wish to socialize, release stress, and not worry about a time-limit should pay per game. 

Why should you know about lane courtesy?

When in the bowling alley, there are numerous unwritten rules you should follow. 

Be courteous when in the lane. Be on the lookout for players bowling on the lanes beside you. 

Wait for the bowler beside you to release the ball before you begin your approach. You wouldn’t want anyone to distract you either, right?

Before playing, take some time to read up on bowling etiquette and lane courtesy. It will go a long way.

Why should you bowl frequently? 

You can reap plenty of benefits from bowling frequently. Here are some things bowling does for you.

Tones and strengthens your muscles

All the walking around, lifting of the 14-pound bowling balls, and the exertion of force during ball release will help tone and strengthen your muscles. 

Bowling works out your joints, ligaments, tendons, and legs, etc. Let’s not forget how important exercising is to your heart and body in general. 

Burns calories

Although played in a relatively tight space, there is still plenty of movement in bowling. 

On average, a bowler walks around half a mile in 3 games. Additionally, you exercise many parts of your body when you lift the ball and use your force to swing the ball towards the pin deck. 

In an hour, a bowler can burn anywhere between 160-300 calories. 

Bowling seems to be an easy and relaxed sport but it is actually a great way to burn calories and stay fit and healthy. 

Helps you socialize

Bowling helps you keep in touch with your friends or family and it provides you the platform to build new relationships. 

Socializing even once a week can help boost your immunity and prevent depression. Stronger immunity means fewer chances of contracting diseases and suffering from various medical conditions. 


Since bowling doesn’t require a heavy investment of money or time, you should reap all the benefits the sport has to offer.  

In an hour of bowling, you get to catch up with old friends or family members, snack on your favorite food, build new relations, burn calories, release stress, and enjoy a fun game. 

Can you think of a more productive way to spend time? I think not!