Best Bowling Ball for Left Handers of 2024

It’s no secret that lefties often get the short end of the stick in life. Simply visit your local bowling alley and look at the house balls—you’ll quickly notice just how under-represented left-handed bowlers are.

To be fair to the bowling alley owners, most bowlers who visit such premises are right-handed bowlers. As such, the gear, equipment, and layouts are predominantly primed and prepared towards meeting their needs.

Meanwhile, left-handed bowlers have to solely rely on novel techniques to figure high in the scoreboard.

However, it isn’t all doom and gloom for left-handed bowlers.

Right-handed bowlers, who are in the majority, often push the oil towards the right side of the lane as they bowl, leaving the oil on the left side completely untouched. As a result, left-handed bowlers are offered the chance to maximize their reactive strike bowling balls and generate extra firepower and hook potential because of the oil pattern left on the lane’s left side.

Add to that the fact that there are left-handed bowling balls (those with the ring finger hole located behind the middle finger) available with matching bowling shoes, left-handers can breathe a sigh of relief and continue their bowling passion without compromising a lot.

For left-handed bowlers who are short on time and not willing to conduct their own research, I have just the list for you. The balls on this “best bowling balls for left-handers” list have been carefully shortlisted at the behest of expert bowlers after hours of trials and experiments.


At A Glance: Our Top Picks for Best Bowling Balls for Left-Handers

If you’re in a hurry, you can jump straight into our top picks (these are the bowling balls for left-handers that most people buy).

  • Pyramid Path Rising Bowling Ball Top Pick
  • Brunswick Rhino Bowling Ball Runner-up
  • Roto Grip Winner Bowling Ball Runner-up

Top 6 Best Bowling Balls for Left-Handers 2024Our Reviews:

1. Pyramid Path Rising Bowling Ball

The Pyramid Path Rising Bowling Ball has plenty working in its favor.

It has a reactive pearl coverstock and an RG/differential of 2.54/0.032, making it ideal for use on medium dry and dry lane conditions. The highly reactive coverstock with 1500 grit factory polish finish also helps the ball get an aggressive back-end reaction.

Of course, the hook capability of the Pyramid Path Rising is also equally impressive. Slight adjustments may be required here and there, but once you get the hang of it, none will be able to match up to you.

I must also wax lyrical about its New Era 139 Symmetrical core. This core offers unmatched flexibility as you drill the finger holes, allowing you to drill holes in places you’re most comfortable with, which is ideal for left-handers.  

What type of performance can you expect from the Pyramid Path Rising Bowling Ball?

Since the ball possesses a high-RG core, you can expect the ball to rev up properly even with limited oil. The ball travels down the lane smoothly and evenly, finally giving an impressive back-end reaction for optimum pin impact.

Despite being heavily marketed as an entry-level ball, even experts can benefit tremendously with the use of this ball. I obviously have nothing but good things to say about the Pyramid Path Rising Bowling Ball.


  • Offers unmatched flexibility in finger hole positioning
  • Extremely durable for an entry-level ball
  • Offers slower and lower-rev bowlers an extra bit of oomph
  • Fantastic spare ball option for dry lane condition
  • Best bowling ball for left-handers who are new to the sport
  • One of the best bowling balls in the business for both right and left-handers


  • Doesn’t have the best hook capability and angularity
  • Beginners will need some getting used to

2. Brunswick Rhino Bowling Ball

The Brunswick Rhino Bowling Ball brings plenty to the table. Boasting a reactive pearl coverstock with a light bulb symmetrical core, you can expect the ball to generate massive power without compromising on balance.

So, in essence, this ball for left-handers offers you controllable fury. No more will you shoot erratic shots as a result of early hooking and wonky reactions in the mid-lane.

Additionally, the symmetrical core also enables you to drill the finger holes in as per your preference.

With an RG/differential of 2.524/0.030, many left-handers often lean towards the Brunswick Rhino Ball for its offering of amazing lane length in medium dry and dry lane conditions. Professionals also often use the ball as either a straight-line strike ball or spare ball on dry lanes.

I really like the fact that the Brunswick Rhino Bowling Balls for left-handers don’t over or under react, making them the perfect choice for bowlers looking to up their game on lanes with differing levels of friction and resistance.

If you’re looking for a forgiving ball that helps you look like a pro even with an amateurish skill level, the Brunswick Rhino Bowling Ball will do the trick for you!   


  • Offers outstanding lane length in medium oil and dry lanes
  • Doesn’t hook early or get wonky mid-lane
  • Works brilliantly as a spare ball on dry lane and as a straight-line strike ball
  • Constructed of durable material
  • Predictable rolling pattern line
  • One of the best bowling balls for left-handers


  • Not suitable for the left-handed bowler looking for aggressive hooks
  • Newbie left-handed bowler will find it tough to control on slick lanes

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3. Roto Grip Winner Bowling Ball

Roto Grip has done well to establish itself as a reputable brand in the bowling scene. Renowned for producing high-quality, high-performance bowling equipment, the brand doesn’t let itself down with its offering of the Roto Grip Winner Ball.

This ball is fit for use on medium and medium-heavy oil conditions, with its steady movement and distinct breakpoint reaction. This Roto Grip ball stays on the lane with minimum fuss and unleashes an aggressive back-end reaction to offer the most impact violence.

With its unique pearl VTC-P18 coverstock, you can expect great reactivity from the ball with easy lane length—a feat that’s often unachievable on pearlized coverstocks. Of course, the coverstock is also durable beyond belief, handling any level of abuse without breaking a sweat.

Make no mistake, the shiny coverstock is also a marvel to look at.

Moreover, the Roto Grip ball has a 1500 grit factory polish finish and an RG/differential of 2.54/0.054.

Unfortunately, all’s not perfect with the Roto Grip Winner Bowling Ball. Regular users often complain that the ball is susceptible to skidding past the breakpoint when used on short oil patterns.


  • Outstanding reactivity with easy lane length
  • Steady movement and distinct breakpoint reaction
  • Ideal lane condition: medium and medium-heavy oil conditions
  • Great choice for the bowler looking to up his ball game
  • Unique reactive pearl VTC-P18 cover stock


  • Prone to skidding past the breakpoint on short oil patterns

4. Track Bowling Products Track Precision Bowling Ball

The Track Bowling Products Track Precision Bowling Ball has managed to garner quite the following with its high precision performance, offering optimum length to the ball. It also helps that the bowling ball provides an aggressive backend reaction, which is why it’s usually favored for medium to heavy oil lane conditions.

Lefties can sometimes struggle to cope with the slick, untouched oil patterns on the left side of the lane. Fortunately, with its textbook reading of the mid-lane, this ball goes long while staying on the lane.

I’m also a big fan of the bowling ball’s coverstock. The prime pearl coverstock not only makes the ball highly reactive but also contributes to the ball’s durability.

Also, since the ball features an asymmetrical precision SD core, expect the ball to be highly versatile.

Plus, the Track Precision Bowling Ball has a 500/1000 Abralon factory finish polish grit and an RG/differential of 2.49/0.054.  

In a nutshell, this bowling ball moves long through the lane before its steep angled turn ultimately destroys the pin deck. Therefore, if you’re a lefty looking for a high-precision reactive bowling ball, look no further than the Track Precision Bowling Ball.


  • Offers a powerful and consistent grip
  • Possesses high hook capability
  • Good flare potential
  • Gives length through the front lane, reads the mid-lane properly, and has a powerful back-end reaction


  • Bowlers must have a highly stable hand motion and posture to use this ball to its max potential
  • Not suitable for bowlers who aren’t accustomed to reading a ball with flare potential

5. Pyramid Antidote Bowling Ball

Boasting a GPS Navigational Solid Coverstock and a New Era 139 Symmetrical Core, the Pyramid Antidote Bowling Ball is best-suited for oil-heavy lane condition.

Mainly used by professionals and experts for its high aggression on account of its 2000 grit Abralon factory finish polish, the Antidote also offers fantastic lane length and great mid-lane length read, saving necessary energy efficiently for powerful back-end action. I also like the fact that the Antidote has a smooth transition from a hook into a controlled roll.  

Since the ball has an RG of 2.55”, it has its mass concentrated more towards the center than the sides. Also, the differential reading of 0.054 tells us that bowlers have the liberty of choosing the finger hole drill position further than they’d expect on other balls.

All in all, I can say with full confidence that the Pyramid Antidote Bowling Ball is a steal at its price point. Trust me when I say this—you’ll be pleasantly surprised at how well the Antidote rolls right off the bat.


  • Features a balanced symmetrical core
  • Perfect bowling ball for heavy oil lane condition
  • Offers great hooks
  • Highly balanced center weight
  • Offers fantastic lane length and great mid-lane length read, saving necessary energy efficiently for powerful back-end action
  • Features  a GPS Navigational Solid Coverstock and a New Era 139 Symmetrical Core


  • Beginner bowlers will struggle to use this ball to its max potential

6. Hammer Black Widow Ball

A suitable choice for aggressive bowlers, the Hammer Black Widow performs exceptionally well and has great flare potential on heavy-oil lane conditions. This bit of news should excite lefties who often suffer the consequences of uneven oil patterns on bowling lanes.

However, I should warn you that the ball can suffer performance issues on lanes with increased friction.

I’m also fond of the ball’s carbon fiber gas mask core which ensures its durability and facilitates stable curves during pivotal moments in the game. You won’t ever feel the movement of the ball to be uncontrollable. 

It should also interest you to know that the Hammer Black Widow has an RG/differential of 2.50/0.058.

Boasting a finish grit of 360/500/500, you can expect this ball to hook early as it offers more friction than your regular urethane bowling ball.

I think this ball is best-suited for lefties with a high forward speed and lower rev rate.


  • Fantastic option for oily lane condition
  • Despite being aggressive, it offers precise, controlled movements
  • Fantastic flare potential on the lane
  • Carbon fiber gas mask core ensures the ball´s durability and facilitates stable curves


  • Doesn’t hook the best
  • Struggles on lanes with increased friction

Things to Keep in Mind When Buying Bowling Balls

Coverstock Material

Bowling balls for left-handers are available for purchase in three types of coverstocks: plastic, urethane, reactive resin.

All these three coverstock types come with their fair share of advantages and disadvantages.

Go for a plastic cover stock ball if you’re new to the sport. Plastic balls move straight and don’t have any hook potential, allowing you, as a beginner, to focus on getting your basics right.

Meanwhile, urethane cover stock and reactive resin balls have high hook potential.

However, they differ from one another in regards to hook potential and lane suitability. While some are manufactured for medium-dry lanes, others perform better at oil heavy lanes.

In summary, choose a bowling ball that suits your bowling style, game, skill level, and lane conditions.

Note: Also, factor in the thickness of the coverstock. An undrilled left-handed bowling ball with uneven thickness is susceptible to cracks during drilling sessions.

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Drill Holes

For a leftie bowler, it’s best to go for undrilled balls as doing so will allow you to drill the finger holes as per your hand measurement. With perfect, comfortable holes drilled in, you’ll be able to grip the ball better and thus, release your shots with higher efficiency.

Although pre-drilled balls come cheap, they aren’t drilled with the position and patterns that benefit a left-handed bowler.

It’s also necessary for you to focus on the grip of the ball to maximize your performance.

If you’re a newbie bowler, opt for the conventional grip wherein the second knuckle of both your middle finger and ring finger go inside the drill holes. The thumb, as you may have deduced, goes inside the thumb hole.  

This grip facilitates more control of the ball; however, it doesn’t let you hook the ball.

Experts go for the fingertip grip with the middle and ring fingers only inserted till the first knuckle. This grip allows bowlers to hook the ball better.

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Weight Factor

Only select a bowling ball you’re comfortable using for an extended game period.

The ball shouldn’t wear you out or cause fatigue to your hands. It must be easy to handle and comfortable to play with.

Experts recommend adult men, both right-handed and left-handed, to go for 14 to 16-pound bowling balls while adult women bowlers can choose those that weigh between 10 to 14 pounds.

Children should avoid using heavier balls and only stick to the recommended <10-pound weight range.

Lastly, if you’re new, working your way up the sport, make sure you go for lighter balls.

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Casual left-handed bowlers may find it difficult to follow a sport that’s dominated and mainly primed for right-handers, but if they persist and search deep enough, they’ll find suitable gears including bowling balls for left-handed bowlers.

It’s possible for lefties to reach the upper echelons of the bowling society too.

You can go for any option from the list as all the bowling balls are the best left-handed balls in their own right. However, if you’d like my input, I’d recommend the Track Bowling Products Track Precision Bowling Ball.

This ball offers a powerful and consistent grip, possesses high hook potential, gives length through the front lane, reads the mid-lane properly, and has a powerful back-end reaction. This ball is an excellent choice for medium to heavy oil lane conditions.

I am also a big fan of the bowling ball´s coverstock. The prime pearl coverstock not only makes the ball highly reactive but also contributes to the ball´s durability.

Also, since the ball features an asymmetrical precision SD core, expect the ball to be highly versatile.