How to Make Bowling Shoe Covers

Many tend to overlook the importance of bowling shoe covers. Many aren’t even aware that there are such things as bowling shoe covers

True to their name, bowling shoe covers provide external protective covers for your bowling shoes, thus helping extend the longevity of the shoes. 

The covers shelter the shoes from harmful and offensive elements such as gum, dirt, moisture, and other environmental dangers that are detrimental to their overall condition and performance. 


Benefits of Bowling Shoe Covers

Safety and Performance

The soles of bowling shoes often tend to accumulate moisture and this negatively impacts your sliding ability. 

Thankfully, a bowling shoe cover prevents you from having a negative experience and allows you to bowl consistently and effectively. Clean and dry bowling shoes drastically reduce the chances of a serious mishap on the lane. 

Contrary to popular belief, a good bowling shoe cover is a pivotal accessory that can considerably improve your game.  With bowling shoe covers, you also won’t have to clean your bowling shoes frequently.


Isn’t it inconvenient to put on different shoes whenever you go to places away from the bowling lane? Well, with a protective layer over your bowling shoe, you will no longer have to take your bowling shoes off when you go to the restaurant, the toilet, or even to your car. 

Most of the bowling shoe covers available for purchase can easily be slipped on over your shoes. It helps that they can be easily stored inside your bowling bag. 

Bowling shoe covers are a basic item every aspiring bowler should have.

How to Make Bowling Shoe Covers

If you don’t intend to purchase a bowling shoe cover and would rather make one that suits your taste, you have come to the right place. Here’s a step-by-step guide on how to make bowling shoe covers the easy way.

Step 1:  Identify the material

The first thing you need to think about is the material you’ll use. Durable materials mean durable shoes. 

You should consider using high-quality fabrics such as polyurethane and vinyl to form the layer of your bowling shoe cover. These fabrics both provide a water-resistant construction and a non-slip grip that will allow you to walk comfortably. 

You can choose vinyl to form the sole of your shoe cover. 

Not only is it non-slip, but it is quite easy to clean too. A damp cloth can be used for wiping off the dirt from the sole. 

You can also make the covers out of any waterproof fabric that you can lay your hands on in utility stores. Alternatively, you can use terry cloth, canvas, pre-quilted fabric, or even an old quilt from a thrift store to make the covers. 

Remember though that in the end, a bowling shoe cover’s quality entirely boils down to the quality of the material it’s made of.

Step 2: Select the design of the shoe cover

Choose a shoe cover design that makes you confident to use the shoes. After all, what’s the point of a bowling shoe cover if you’re too embarrassed to wear them, right?

Step 3: Measure and trace

After you decide on your fabric, take your most comfortable shoes or your bowling shoes and trace around them. 

Then, proceed to add three inches around the entire pattern. This will help ensure that you get the right fitting for your shoes. 

Step 4: Stitch

Now, if you want to enhance the performance and lifespan of your bowling shoe cover, you should consider overlock stitches with a safety stitch for added durability. 

Step 5: Add elastic to the edges

You should then case the edges with elastic to ensure that your covers fit your shoes snugly and they stay in place. 

The elastic top may become uncomfortable for extended use if it is too tight. It won’t work well either if it is too loose and saggy when on top of the shoes. 

Therefore, you must find a sweet spot where it is just about tight enough to hold up well. You could consider lining the covers with fleece to enable them to slide on and off your shoes with minimum fuss.  

Basically, you shouldn’t have a tough time putting them on and taking them off. 

4 Useful Tips to Extend the Life of Your Bowling Shoes

If you want to extend the lifespan of your bowling shoes with hopes of saving valuable money for other bowling equipment such as bowling balls, bowling wrist support, etc., there are other things you can do too besides using bowling shoe covers. 

1. Never shove your shoes inside your bag

You should store them neatly in your bowling bag to ensure that the shoes don’t lose their shape. I would also recommend you keep the shoes in a cool and dry place.

2. Disinfect and clean them 

When you are done with your bowling session, you need to disinfect your bowling shoes thoroughly from the inside out. 

You must also clean your shoes with a wire brush or bristle brush. 

Be gentle but firm while using the brush to clean the sole. The objective here to ensure the removal of any gunk or buildup. 

If you push and scrape too hard, you risk gouging the soles and wearing them out. We wouldn’t want that now, would we? 

3. Keep them dry

It is also extremely important for you to never let your bowling shoes get wet. 

If you find that your shoes are wet, it is necessary to first dry them out properly. Then, you can use a firm bristle brush to breathe life into the affected area. 

4. Wash your shoe covers

You should also keep in mind to wash your bowling shoe covers frequently, especially if you have oil or other garbage on them. 


You don’t always have to buy your bowling accessories. Sometimes, it is more convenient and beneficial to do some DIY and make your own. 

This guide provides enough information to help you make your bowling shoe covers. Also, following the aforementioned tips will go a long way in ensuring a long life for your expensive bowling shoes.